We do not live in a black in white world. Nothing is as simple as it seems, there are multiple shades of grey and this is the reason many people who cannot fathom the extent of complexity of the world, make simplistic conclusions to fit their view of the world.

Ever since Paris attacks, anti-Islam and Islamophobic sentiment is growing at an alarming rate. Attacks on mosques have been reported in France and Germany.

Before blaming everything on Islam and Muslims, I urge the people living in the more “civilised” hemisphere of the earth to put their hatred aside and look objectively at Islam.

Ahmed Murabet, the police officer who died defending the office of Charlie Ebdo was a Muslim.

The current wave of terrorism has roots in the Syrian civil war. Please read this article which was published on March 26, 2013.

Below are excerpts from the original article.

For months now, the United States has been training secular Syrian fighters in Jordan with the goal of bolstering the array of forces battling President Bashar Assad’s regime while at the same time strengthening the hand of moderates among the country’s fractured opposition, American and foreign officials said. They said the effort is ongoing.

The training has been taking place since late last year at an unspecified location, concentrating largely on Sunnis and tribal Bedouins who formerly served as members of the Syrian army, officials told The Associated Press. The forces aren’t members of the leading rebel group, the Free Syrian Army, they said. The U.S. and others fear the growing role of extremist militia groups in the rebel ranks, including some linked to al Qaeda.


Officials told the AP that the operation is being run by U.S. intelligence. But those in Washington stressed that the U.S. was only providing nonlethal aid at this point, stopping short of a step that is being increasingly advocated by lawmakers in Congress but which the Obama administration opposes.

Others such as Britain and France are involved, officials added, though it’s unclear whether any Western government is providing materiel or other direct military support after two years of civil war that, according to the United Nations, already has killed more than 70,000 people.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly about the program.

Officially, the Obama administration has been vague on the subject of what type of military training it may be providing, while insisting that it is doing all it can — short of providing weapons to the rebels or engaging in its own military intervention — to hasten the demise of the Assad family’s four-decade dictatorship.


It’s unclear what effect the training has had in the conflict. It has become a quagmire, with Assad’s regime unable to snuff out the rebellion and Syria’s opposition incapable thus far of delivering any serious blow to the ruling government’s grip on Damascus and control over much of the country.

Some of the Syrians the U.S. is involved with are in turn training other Syrians inside the country, officials said.


The New York Times reported Monday that the CIA helped Arab governments and Turkey sharply increase their military aid to Syria’s opposition in recent months, with secret airlifts of arms and equipment. It cited traffic data, officials in several countries and rebel commanders, and said the airlift began on a small scale a year ago but has expanded steadily to more than 160 military cargo flights by Jordanian, Saudi and Qatari planes landing at Turkish and Jordanian airports.

The training in Jordan, however, suggests the U.S. help is aimed somewhat at enhancing the rebels’ capacity in southern Syria, the birthplace of the revolution two years ago when teenagers in the sleepy agricultural outpost of Dara’a scribbled graffiti on a wall and were tossed into jail, spurring Syria’s own version of an Arab Spring uprising. Much of the violence since, however, has been in the northern part of the country, where rebels have scored several military successes after the Assad regime cracked down brutally on peaceful protesters.

Countries like USA, UK and France have been covertly assisting the rebel factions in Syria. There is no such thing as moderate or secular rebels. The Syrian rebels comprise of FSA, ISIS, JN and others. In other words, Western powers are directly training and possibly indirectly arming the rebels in Syria and most of the rebels end up fighting for IS/ISIS/ISIL which has become a bane for themselves.

Instead of superimposing everything on Muslims, the people should question the role of their own governments in creating this mess. In reality, the rebellion that started 3-4 years ago would have died down peacefully in a few months had the West not intervened. The people of Syria are more than capable of dealing with this, it was an internal matter and could have been settled by negotiations, but the Western powers had to intervene because Assad is pro-Iran, pro-Russia and a threat to “strategic U.S assets” in the region.

In this war, no one is an angel, Assad too has committed heinous crimes against his own people. Perhaps this might not have happened if the Western powers had exercised a little restraint over their instinct to interfere in a region which has its own unique geo-political features which are seldom understood by the boys in Langley.

However, there is no going back now, the beast is out in the open. ISIS, thanks to covert Western assistance has now become one of the richest terrorist organization in the world with an ability to strike any where with impunity. They kill Muslims and Non-Muslims with indifference. In the Charlie Ebdo attack both Muslims and Non Muslims were killed. ISIS slaughter Christians, Sunni and Shiite Muslims without any difference, for them anyone who doesn`t conform with their ideology is an infidel.

All the renowned scholars of the Islamic world have reprimanded and denounced ISIS. Those who blame Islam and Muslims must reassess their approach on this topic. Nothing is as simple as it seems. It hurts when people living in what is considered as the civilised hemisphere of the world make comments which remind of Hitler and Mussolini`s era.

This Dwayne Moore guy is actually hilarious. He firmly believes that Barack Obama is a Muslim and through him Muslims are planning to take over U.S.A. 🙂 Seeing this state of mind, I wasn`t offended by his “kind” words.

I am not as brainwashed as a tiny fraction of those living in the West. I know and have come across those who hold sane views and know that the actions of a tiny minority cannot be juxtaposed on 1.7 billion Muslims.

There are 7 billion people on this earth and it is high time that we must learn to share it with each. Until and unless humanity reaches this conclusion there can be no permanent peace. Muslim scholars are already vocal on this issue.


Sadly, their voice is marginalised by main stream media. 2 Scholars in the above poster have been labelled as terrorists in their own countries. Shaykh Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri has been labelled as a terrorist in Pakistan for labelling the government as a stooge of terrorists and Shaykh Muhammad al Yaqoubi , who lived in Syria is now in exile in France for opposing the atrocities committed by both the Syrian rebels and the Syrian Arab Army. Shaykh Ramadan al Bouty, a prominent cleric who was vocal against the rebels was assassinated in Syria while he was delivering a sermon.

Just remember, the world is not black and white.




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