A Poetic Response To PTI Trolls

This poem is a response to PTI trolls in the poetic form. It must be affirmed that I respect the great Imran Khan, the legendary Cricketer, Captain, Socialist and Revolutionary leader of Pakistan. I respect the true and sincere workers of PTI and its tigers. This response is ONLY aimed at those who stoop to such a position where they level personal abuse and Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri (May Allah preserve Him!). I request all to keep Dr Qadri and Imran Khan in your prayers and to root out the evil of trolls so that all Pro-Change parties can work together for Freedom, A New Pakistan and Revolution. May Allah accept my defence of the great Dr Qadri and grant us the ability to respect one another. ‘PTI Trolls Ko Jawaab’ Kehtey Ho Dama Dam ‘Baney Ga Nayaa Pakistan’ Haqeeqat Mein Magar Tum Bekirdaar Bezubaan! Hadees-e-Aaqa (SAW) Hai ‘Na Kaho Kafir Momin Ko’ Naam Musalmaani Ka, Mann Mein Sheva-e-Nafarmaan! Letey Ho Naam Kis Ka Magar Aah! Humey Afsos! Na Soz-e-Iqbal Tum Mein Na Itebaa-e-Quraan! Rehtey Ho ‘Jashan’ Mein Tum Mast Alast Har Subho Sham Lawaaqif-e-Ashoor, Ihsaan Faramosh Tera Jawaan! Safar-e-Taweel Mein Daman-e-Akhlaaq Hai Laazim Na Himmat-e-Mardaan Tum Mein Na Adab Ka Samaan! Narmi-e-Guftagu Sey To Miltee Hai Aazaadi Qaabil-e-Muzzamat Hai Tera Andaaz-e-Bayaan! Mein Sher-e-Tahir Hoon, Terey Andaaz Sey Bebaak Tabdeel To Ho Khud Mein, Zaraa Apna Chaak Garebaan! Muhammad Umair (Al Qadri) Your Humble Servant 7th December 2014/ 14th Safar 1436 A.H


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