Axe falls upon the blind.

Updated @ 2:50am | Added the video clipping


It seems as if the Punjab police has taken an oath to never learn from their past “mistakes”. Today once again in an excellent show of bravery and valour, young officers of Punjab police unleashed the wrath of their batons and fists upon a bunch of angry protesters. Nothing new here. Right? Wait, who were the protesters?

They were blind men and women who had come to protest against the discriminatory policy of the government and its failure to facilitate the disabled persons. There are no special wheelchair ramps for the physically handicapped, almost no special schools for the blind and a pitifully small quota for the disabled in government institutions which too is occupied by those who have powerful references.

CM Punjab who is in Qatar, issued orders to suspend the officers involved in this incident. But he took the same action against those officers who were involved in Model Town Massacre, nothing happened. All the involved officers were given clean sheets, we cannot expect these “blind” rulers to deliver justice.

We cannot expect anything else, for 70 days thousands of protesters occupied the capital to demand their rights, but neither any institution nor any section of the society came out. A few thousand peaceful protesters cannot bring a peaceful revolution. This nation rejected its chance for a peaceful change, now it must live through hell every single day.


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