Updates from #Palestine via @Khadijahzahid

When was the last time you heard about Palestine? Was it in the news? Every now and then, Palestine makes it to the headlines, but it is almost never portrayed in a positive light by the mainstream media.

The purpose of this post is not to delve deep into a political discussion. The purpose of this post is to take the readers on a journey of the Holy land.

Credit for all the pictures goes to Sister Khadijah Atkinson who recently visited Palestine. She shared pictures of her trip, these pictures give us a glimpse of the life of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

So just sit back and watch the pictures of the Holy Land.Go back into the past. These streets and roads are the places where once Prophet Abraham PBUH walked. This land was graced by the likes of Prophet Zakariah, Prophet Yahya(John the Baptist) and Hazrat Maryum (Virgin Mary). These are the same streets where Jesus the son of Mary once walked and cured the blind and the lepers.

This is the same Al Aqsa, where Prophet Muhammad PBUH led all the Prophets in prayer on the night of his ascension to heavens.

The very fabric of the Holy Land is imbued with the thoughts and feelings of all the great prophets and their thoughts still reverberate today. All prophets came with the message of “Love”. It is sad to see that the world today has so boldly discarded their message.

May God bless us with wisdom to rise above our differences to make this world a better place for everyone.


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