Mass Poisoning in #Pakistan via @MubasherLucman


Watch the entire show to see the extent of massive poisoning being done in Pakistan. For those who cannot understand Urdu, let me explain it briefly.

In a race to cut the costs for the maximisation of profits, most of the factory owners and manufacturers of edible goods are using harmful substances. Substances so harmful that the human mind cannot even begin to fathom the mental capacity of those who are deliberately poisoning masses.

Carcasses are harvested by oil manufacturers. They are boiled until every last bit of fat is drained from the bones of all kinds of animals who died of God knows what reason. This fat is then used to make cooking oil which is then branded and sold to the public. This oil being cheaper, is readily sold in the market.

The harmful effects of oil produced from the fats of rotting carcasses are numerous. Such oil results in cancer and other fatal diseases,which is probably why the hospitals in Pakistan are going over capacity.

Fat and other oily substances from the drains and gutters of restaurants and caterers is harvested and used in the production of “Beauty Soaps” and washing detergents.

Milk shops have a habit of selling “tainted” milk. They dilute milk with “bleach” and other harmful chemicals to whiten it. Other than this, they follow standards of unhygienic practices instead of hygienic practices.

Flour is diluted with saw dust to increase the weight and then packed in recycled bags of cement. This causes people to consume harmful particles of cement as well as saw dust. Needless to say that this results in diseases of the digestive tract.

Candies and chips are all made using harmful and toxic chemicals, as demonstrated in the show, the chips are flammable! Flammable chips made from potato! Something is not right, last time I checked potatoes weren`t flammable.

With almost 70% of the country`s population living under $3 a day, people are forced to buy these harmful products. Only the well off can afford to buy imported or high quality products. At this rate in the next few years majority of the population of Pakistan will be diseased and under nourished.

There is no lack of resources in Pakistan. Being an agricultural country, Pakistan has abundance of all types of crops, but all the good crops are exported and the people are forced to live on below standard food products.

The government has failed on so many levels that it has become a cliché to blame the government now. When are the people going to wake up? A few million protesters cannot bring a total change. Masses have to rise up because if they don`t rise then they will surely die at the hands of these corrupt rulers.

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