Feedback to @am_nawazish


Dear Ali Moeen,

This feedback is in response to the attached article published in Daily Jang.

Your writing style is most certainly captivating for the reader, the write-up had a good build up and smooth flow, however I couldn`t help but notice the lack of facts, reality and counter arguments to balance out the prose. The write-up seemed one-sided, but then again it is your opinion, which is exactly why I am sending this feedback.
You mentioned how Dr.Qadri built up the emotions and then left the “revolutionaries”. It would have been better if you had written the entire reality. It would have been better if you had included the Model Town Massacre, the 14 martyrs and 100 bullet riddled bodies,it would have been better if you had included the siege of Model town from 1-10 August. The firing on participants of “Youm e Shohada”, the 6 martyrs of Bhakkar, the shelling on the night of 30th and 31st August and the 4+ martyrs of Islamabad massacre.
Why was it important to mention this? Because this puts Dr.Qadri`s narrative into perspective, see he wasn`t just playing with words, he and those who came with him were victims of state terrorism. When he left Model Town, he went with the intention of getting justice for Model Town Massacre, but the people had to give more blood. Why? because the perpetrators of Model Town Massacre were never caught. Forget about them getting caught, the FIR wasn`t even lodged,furthermore the JIT and Judicial Commission report are to this day being kept under the carpet.
Dr.Qadri and those who came out for him stayed in Islamabad for 70 days and nights. Theirs wasn`t a part time sit-in, they braved rains, scorching heat of the sun, tear gas, bullets and poisoned water for 70 days. I am sure you are aware that this was the most lengthy and most peaceful sit-in we have ever had. For 70 days they sat there, they could have run over the parliament,PM house, Presidents residency and razed every building to the ground, but they didn`t! They kept sitting there, raising their voice for their rights.
Forget everything else, the Model Town Massacre case is still pending, no progress has been made on that issue. Is this how democracies function? Tell me honestly, had this massacre taken place in U.S.A, would the government have acted in this manner?
For 70 days they sat in Islamabad, but nothing happened, not a single demand of the protesters was fulfilled! What was their demand you may ask? Their first demand was the transparent inquiry of Model Town Massacre and resignation of CM Punjab for the duration of inquiry. But no, the government behaved like a stubborn kid and said no on the very first demand.
70 days are more than enough, everyone had come to Islamabad thinking that this government would have at least a fraction of sense, a fraction of humanity or a fraction of democratic behaviour, but alas we were all wrong. They have none, yes we were wrong to think they`d give in to a peaceful public protest. This is exactly why the decision to call of the Islamabad sit-in was made. The Islamabad sit-in had become stagnant, it was no longer viable to continue it as neither side was willing to step back. This is why Dr.Qadri decided to spread this movement to other parts of the country, to mobilise those who couldn`t make it to Islamabad and hollow out whatever little support the government is left with.
As far as your remarks about Dr.Qadri being in a bullet proof car and a container are concerned. That is childish. Are you expecting us to leave Dr.Qadri open for all terrorists? Don`t forget that he was the first scholar to publish a 600 page fatwa against terrorism and suicide bombings, a fatwa which highlighted him on the hit list of terror organizations. No, we know how to take care of a man who has given this nation 60+ years of his life, 1000+ books, a university, hospitals and much more. For 70 days, we had 1000+ phd scholars in our sit-in, we had 5 professors who had come from USA. We did not have a brainwashed religious class in our sit-in.
Revolution is not a one off process.Yes we had hoped to get closer had our demands been met with success. But it seems that wasn`t meant to happen. The regime is far more stubborn than we had imagined. In such a case, it would have been useless to sit there and risk the lives of everyone. Lives can be risked when the destination is in sight, but when you come in front of a wall, it is better to change course rather than trying to bring the wall down with a head butt.
I wish you had been more objective in your analysis. Dr.Qadir didn`t leave and abandon the cause, neither have we, his supporters left the ground!
Danial Ahmed

3 Replies to “Feedback to @am_nawazish”

    1. He has a history..he made headlines a few years ago when he made a record by getting 22 “A`s” in CIE examinations..then he was pulled by one of the largest News network in Pakistan, unfortunately that network was banned for having close ties with CIA and MOSSAD.He is still with that news network.


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