Al-Aqsa mosque is closed fully and completely by the Israeli Occupation Forces – @DaliaZLababidi

Masjid al Aqsa, situated in Jerusalem, is probably one of the most disputed pieces of land with all three Abrahamic faiths laying claim to the area.

Jerusalem was conquered twice by the Muslims. First by Caliph Umar al Farooq [r.a],after a siege. The caliph himself walked into the city wearing a patched cloak. The Christian priests saw him and recognised him, as there were prophecies that a just King would one day conquer Jerusalem without bloodshed, they offered him the key of the city.

Centuries later, Muslims lost control of the city and most of the surrounding areas to the Crusaders.The Muslim empire was slowly crumbling , Salahuddin Ayubi, rose to power after what we can call in todays term a “military coup”. He allied himself with Nur uddin Zangi and fought the Crusaders. Jerusalem was once again taken by Muslims, the inhabitants feared a mass slaughter, but just like Caliph Umar[r.a]. Salahuddin walked into the city, granting safety, sanctuary and religious freedom to everyone.

Both Caliph Umar al Farooq[r.a] and General Salahuddin Ayub[r.a] went to Masjid al Aqsa. During Caliph Umars time, Masjid al Aqsa had been turned into a garbage heap, he himself worked tirelessly with all the others to clean the mosque and restore it.

When Salahuddin entered al-Aqsa, it had been turned into a Palace, with living quarters for the Knight Templars.

The city has a rich history,there have been periods when members of all three faiths coexisted together with peace. Israels decision to ban prayers in masjid al Aqsa will further strengthen the Palestinian resistance and aggravate Muslims all over the globe as Jerusalem is the third most holy city for Muslims.

Media in Islamic countries however, has totally ignored or neglected this breaking news, which only confirms the long held suspicion that the control of all media is in the hands of a few media moguls.


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