The need for more provinces/administrative units.


Pakistan currently has 4 provinces. The population of over 180 million people has just 4 provinces whereas the other countries shown in the poster, with lesser populations have more provinces for better administration.

Whereas Pakistan has just 4 provinces with their Chief Ministers and then Governors who come under the Federal government. The governors serve no real purpose administratively.

Furthermore the federally administered tribal areas ( FATA ) are not under the legal jurisdiction of the National Assembly, they come under the jurisdiction of the President. Under the current legal framework ,the President is simply a puppet of the Prime Minister. This creates a loophole and a legal warp . As a result of this, FATA has always been overlooked by the political administration.

That area is considered off limits. The tribal areas have seen almost zero development in the last 68 years, as a result the people feel marginalised. Which is the reason why terrorists chose tribal areas as their safe haven.

Till now, the country has existed on sheer luck, a new administrative system needs to be implemented with more administrative units for better administration.


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