Land of criminals and rapists.

It is with great pain that I am composing this post. I was born in Pakistan and raised here, I love this country, but my loyalty to the state cannot trump my duty to say the truth and the truth is that this land has become unstable, it has become a place where criminals and rapists roam with impunity. They are exempt from the law, they cannot even be touched by the law enforcing agencies.

A girl was raped by 3 brothers in Faisalabad, who are all sons of Mian Farooq. Mian Farooq is Member of National Assembly of Pakistan and a worker of Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz. There are corruption cases against him and his sons.

Mian Qasim Farooq, along with his brothers raped a girl and when her family lodged a case against them, the police arrested them and then the very next day they were released. Overnight they threatened the girls family who was then forced to take back the complain and this is how most of the victims never even bother to speak up as they know that the system will never protect them.

Face Book Page of rapist Mian Qasim Farooq, a failed candidate of PMLN. Was in the 25 th August rally in Lahore.


9 Replies to “Land of criminals and rapists.”

    1. On second thoughts, let’s *not* do that. The punishment and revenge of Allah are far, far worse than anything humans can plan.
      We leave you in the hands of your Lord, Qasim…


  1. Unfortunately rape and violence against women isn’t limited to Pakistan. According to a recent Lancet article Pakistan doesn’t even rank in the top 10 for rape. New Zealand is 6th in the world:

    Only 1% of New Zealand rapes result in a conviction.

    New Zealand also has a major problem with domestic violence. One in three NZ women experience psychological or physical abuse from their partners in their lifetime. On average 14 women, six men and 10 children are killed by a member of their family every year.

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