Expired Tear Gas Shells

On the night of 30th August 2014, peaceful and unarmed protesters were attacked by the police with tear gas, rubber bullets and then eventually live bullet rounds. 11 people lost their lives and almost 500 were injured in clashes that lasted almost 15 hours.

The clashes are still continuing. It is the third day since the clashes began and 18th Day since the marchers have occupied Islamabad, the state capital. In the last three days atleast 25 people have been killed by state terrorism.

The aim of this write up is to shed light on a criminal act by the Government of Pakistan. The tear gas shells used on the night of 30th and 31st August were expired. The empty cans had an expiry date of 1999. The smoke/tear bombs were manufactured by Smith and Wesson Chemical Co ltd. during the cold war era to be used against the Russian Army. These grenades were sold to Asian countries including Egypt, Bahrain, Israel and Pakistan.

They were used in Bahrain to disperse Arab spring protests, the expired gas shells resulted in casualties. The same gas shells were used in Egypt and Palestine. Now they are being used in Pakistan by the despotic regime against unarmed and peaceful protesters including men, women and children.

“It’s not clear how that might affect people differently from unexpired gas. The paper writes: “Some experts contend that expired tear gas may lead to more dangerous health effects — than its non-expired counterpart — for people heavily exposed to it.” It offers no specifics or sources, however.

Reporters collected canisters that stated they were made in 2003 and expired after five years, or 2008. The paper did not name the U.S. manufacturer.”

“Israeli troops reportedly have been using expired, U.S.-made gas on Palestinians in East Jerusalem. A canister recoveredduring clashes Jan. 21 in Silwan indicates it was made in 2001 and expired in 2006, according to Blog from Middle East.”

Most recently these expired shells were used in Ferguson Riots.

These shells are not normal tear gas shells. Their effects are different and resemble the effects of nerve gas. The people who came in contact with these shells reported having severe chest pain , inflammation in lungs, burning skin, throat infection. These were the minor effects, some of the protesters who had prolonged exposure couldn`t get up, their motor reflexes were not normal. Furthermore the gas grenades used today made many protesters unconscious the moment they came in contact with the gas. The scenes were shown live on TV. Tear gas, normal tear gas does not make one fall unconscious.


The date clearly shows that the shell expired in 1999. This proves that the shells were not fired with the intention of dispersing the crowd, instead they were fired with the intention to murder. The government and the Minister for Interior, Ch Nisar Ali Khan , should be charged for the murder of 25 and attempted murder of 500+ protesters.


The blue can is of Smith and Wesson Chemical Co. It was supposed to be used against the Russian army, instead it is being used against unarmed men, women and children.


This strange projectile was fired upon the car and truck of Dr.Qadri and Imran Khan. What is this, we aren`t sure yet but whatever it is, it was fired towards the 2 protest leaders who miraculously remained safe. It was reported that police fired thousands of tear gas shells. This is not an exaggeration.10593064_845205362158538_4921131400905927713_n

These shells were all fired on the night of 31st August. These are the ones which the protesters were able to collect.

Today almost 2000 shells were delivered to the police from other cities as well. What are the intentions of this government? Well it isn`t hidden from anyone, the government wants to end this protest by hook or by crook whereas the protesters are ready to sacrifice their lives for the rights of the poor and the oppressed.

Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


5 Replies to “Expired Tear Gas Shells”

    1. No idea..wish I knew, every single person right now is standing with the rulers..only 2 people have taken a stand, Dr Qadri and Khan and they have been isolated..sad and disgusting. Well they have the people and they are on the right path. Those who speak the truth are always alone!


        1. something has to wake them up..even if it is our death, then that will be a good bargain I guess :/ I mean how long can a person stay down, there has to be a breaking point.


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