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Illusion of a democracy

This article is a formal rebuttal to an article written by Mariam Sabih, the article can be read at Point by point rebuttal: In the article the author claimed that. 1) Despite irregularities, 2013 general elections were better than ever before and several polls suggest PML-N sustains popularity. It is true that many polls suggest … Continue reading

The need for more provinces/administrative units.

Pakistan currently has 4 provinces. The population of over 180 million people has just 4 provinces whereas the other countries shown in the poster, with lesser populations have more provinces for better administration. Whereas Pakistan has just 4 provinces with their Chief Ministers and then Governors who come under the Federal government. The governors serve … Continue reading

Participatory Democracy

This is the structure of participatory democracy proposed by Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. Currently Pakistan has a warped form of parliamentary democracy which goes something like this. National Assembly in Islamabad to deal with national issues. 4 Provincial Assemblies at each provincial capital. In practice, this is it, the devolution of power under the … Continue reading

The Character of Marchers vs character of the government.

In the whole world, Pakistan is number one in illiteracy Sri Lanka has less than 1.9% children who do not go to primary school. In India there are less than 6.4 % children who do not go to primary school, in Bangladesh less than 16.2% of children who do not go to primary school. In Pakistan there … Continue reading

Devolution of Judiciary – Dr.Qadris plan.

Pseudo Democracy in a country called Pakistan.

Published on ARY Blogs   We live in an age where the dominant form of government is “Democracy” or more specifically Parliamentary democracy. Democracy is not in itself a system, in its essence democracy is a set of norms and values which serve as the base of the system. From this base, a super-structure is … Continue reading

Why Auntie BBC should not run its London Agenda here?

via Dr Moeed Pirzada Why Auntie BBC should not run its London Agenda here? – Now since I have provided you the details of why BBC was considered an overbearing Auntie with her strict values and indoctrination in the UK of 1960’s I can explain a bit what is wrong with BBC’s (and other Intel … Continue reading

Land of criminals and rapists.

It is with great pain that I am composing this post. I was born in Pakistan and raised here, I love this country, but my loyalty to the state cannot trump my duty to say the truth and the truth is that this land has become unstable, it has become a place where criminals and … Continue reading

The struggle continues…

“Pakistan has very few dams and a lot of damned politicians”

Silenced forever.

The massacre that started on 30th August 2014, left almost 25 people dead. Government figures report only 2 martyrs because law enforcing agencies took away the dead bodies and those who had minor injuries to unknown locations. These people marched peacefully to Islamabad for their rights, for their human rights, for their constitutional rights. They … Continue reading

Expired Tear Gas Shells

On the night of 30th August 2014, peaceful and unarmed protesters were attacked by the police with tear gas, rubber bullets and then eventually live bullet rounds. 11 people lost their lives and almost 500 were injured in clashes that lasted almost 15 hours. The clashes are still continuing. It is the third day since … Continue reading