Pakistan do you want peace

“This was inevitable and I am afraid this is just the starting!” – Danial Ahmed

These words recently messaged to me were the words I did not want to hear. I knew they were coming but I did not want them to become a reality. I’m not Pakistani, but I still suffer like one. I’ve lived what Pakistan is living and there are only two outcomes: War or “Peace”.

The obvious outcome is to choose “peace”. But if I’m talking about peace why did I just put it under quotation marks? Simple: IT’S NOT REAL PEACE, THE ILLUSION OF PEACE IS “Peace”.

You already know what war means – bloodshed, death of innocent women, men, and children, and the irrecoverable lives of our loved ones. But what about option number two? “Peace”. Let me tell you what “peace” means.

I grew up in a third world country. Poverty was the norm – even though I would be considered part of the elites, I couldn’t run away from poverty. I’d go to school, within a block away from my house I’d see poor kids begging on the streets for money. I knew it wasn’t right but I was taught to accept it and ignore it. Writing it down sounds atrocious, but that’s the mentality most of the world has. I tried not to look outside my car window because I could not bear the pain of seeing innocent children suffering. There’s no point in me telling you this personal history of mine, however, I’m telling it to you because, even though I do not speak Urdu, I can still see.

I can still see the horrible and atrocious images being shown on your live media. I can still feel the pain from watching innocent people suffering and dying from government attacks. Seeing the people who are meant to protect being the ones that attack you, only serve to bring back the memories of injustice and pain I lived in my youth.

You know what war means, this is what “peace” means:

  • “Peace” is giving up on what you’ve fought for almost a month in order to stop the bloodshed.

  • “Peace” is telling the government, “I’m sorry for misbehaving, you’re right and you’ve always known what’s best for me”.

  • “Peace” is silencing your voice and giving it to the government for them to speak on your behalf.

  • “Peace” is giving the government the green light to do WHATEVER they want to do with your country.

  • “Peace” is planting the corruption seed even deeper in your land.

  • “Peace” is telling your martyrs: “your life was worth nothing to me!”

That’s what “peace” means. If you want “peace” go for it. But the decision is yours: War or “peace”?

~ Lex Solo

6 Replies to “Pakistan do you want peace”

  1. Poor peoples’ peace often means consenting to slow systematic murder by malnutrition, treatable illness and poisoning of your air, water and food. First they throw you off your land, then they steal your resources, then they force you to work at starvation wages. This isn’t peace – it’s slavery.


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