Look at the Goal, not the Red

Someone once told me that the blood that runs in our veins is the same color for everyone – red. The point has been reached in which peace is no longer an option. You will probably be attacked tonight or tomorrow. Many of you will see red everywhere. Many of you will experience unbearable pain. And many of you will try to surrender and run away. However, there will be a few of you that will not see red, all you will see is a goal. The goal for what you’ve been peacefully protesting in the streets these past weeks. The goal that’s so close yet so far.

I’ve seen millions of Pakistanis sitting and chanting in the streets. All of you are united under a common cause. But right now the test that will challenge how deeply and genuinely you desire to see Pakistan clean from corruption and take a new path away from the current one.

All I will say is this:

The reality you’re living is the one you’ve created. You’ve allowed all this corruption and oppression run freely. You can continue to accept this reality or you can refuse to accept it and be determined to fight for the one you believe in.

Pakistan, your chance is NOW! Your REVOLUTION is happening! So it’s time look at the goal not the red!


5 Replies to “Look at the Goal, not the Red”

  1. This was needed badly right now..We need people to come out tomorrow..those who are still glued to the TV screens..tomorrow is the decisive day of this revolution..we are at a point where either the regime will remain or the marchers..it is a point of no return.

    We aren`t scared of a little red..we have seen it..today we literally dug our graves.

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  2. Awareness level of the people and realization of their rights has increased and they realize they have been exploited gravely & will remain until a Revolution brings a complete change. Hence, after use of brutal force to crush the movement of Revolution, people have come out in large numbers and are ready for the final phase which will lead to the destination.

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    1. The Leader of the Revolution Dr. Tahir ul Qadri has trained the marchers for 33 years spiritually & academically that when they came out for the final phase of Revolution, they’ve set examples for the world with their practice of peace, commitment and dedication.

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