Choking over oppression, is this Pakistan?

I have lost count of days we have been protesting here. First we had to go through a 10 day siege in Lahore and now it has been over a week since we have occupied Islamabad. Problems and obstacles are at every single step. The government has now poisoned our water supply , our food trucks were already detained and now we don`t even have proper drinking water.

The water tankers sent by the government had some chemicals which caused a large number of protesters to lose consciousness and pass out. Is this humanity? Where are all human rights organizations of Pakistan? This government has been violating all local and foreign laws of human rights and not a single person except the protest leaders has dared to challenge the government over their blatant attempts to choke the protesters.




This isn`t the first instance though. In the past these rulers have always killed innocent and weak Pakistanis like animals.107


The details are self explanatory. Where are the so called women rights activists now? A full fledged movement is in motion for women rights. Dr.Qadri has stated it time and again that he aims to end the gender discrimination. He wants to end the dependence of women on men. He has already worked on a strategy to economically make the women independent so that they too can become equal members of this society. Islam teaches gender equality, human rights teach gender equality, we see it in all the developed states so why not in Pakistan?

People from top to bottom, from the highest level to the lowest are involved in trafficking. They have been exposed many times on media but they are never caught. Why? Because the system protects them.


We have a common saying here that if you want to take revenge from someone, then file a legal case against them, drag them into courts and then that persons generations will be stuck in the legal proceedings. I personally know so many stories. There is a family whose 3 generations kept following a single case over property dispute. A few months ago some employees of a government office were declared not guilty after over 20 years of prison sentence. They went in the prison young and came out all old with grey hair. Justice delayed is justice denied and when justice is denied, people tend to take law in their own hands and when injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.


These are just 4 cases which came to the lime light. There are hundreds and thousands of cases which don`t make it to the media. Where the people are too weak to say or do anything. I personally know 3 doctors who were all shot while they were on duty. Their killers are still on a killing spree and their families are left without anyone to care for them. The law in this country is only for the elite, for the poor there is only lawlessness.



Now you understand what I have been trying to say?

Gullu Butt, a police informer was caught live on TV smashing cars and damaging public property. Police inspectors were directing him and congratulating him for all the hard work. When his atrocities were shown all over the media and his connection with the ruling party was revealed. The police panicked and arrested him. He was taken to the court the next day and the court later ordered to free him on the grounds of lack of evidence! Honourable judges, forgot that the media covered 15 hours of Model Town Massacre and every channel showed footages of not just this man, but hundreds of other police officers who were shooting live rounds at unarmed protesters.

Gullu Butt was freed and put under protective custody. Later he was seen outside the German embassy and according to sources he is attempting to flee to Germany, it should be noted here that a number of police officers who shot the protesters directly have already flown to U.A.E and other countries.

This is why a revolution is now inevitable. The country will implode if a “radical” change doesn`t occur soon. Morals have degenerated, the very social fibre of this society has rotten. We are living in a country where banned organizations who support ISIS are openly protesting in favour of government whereas Dr.Qadri the person who is known as the Ambassador of Peace, the only living scholar to have written a 600 page Fatwa against suicide bombings and terrorism, is declared as a terrorist despite losing 26 workers and still remaining peaceful, despite being under siege and yet still being on the path of non-violence.

Revolution Now or Never.

I am Danial Ahmed and I will keep writing the truth till they come and silence me forever.
Team Operation Pakistan


5 Replies to “Choking over oppression, is this Pakistan?”

    1. I will..I want to write something right now as tomorrow is our I am just too tired after the days activity.
      Appreciate your concern.


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