Dr.Qadri`s Charter of Demands

Dr.Qadri presented his Charter of Demands today. His main demands were

> Immediate resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif & Chief Minister Shabaz Sharif over Model Town Massacre

> Dissolve all national & provincial assemblies; they were formed unconstitutionally.

> Form a new national government for Democratic reforms.

> Stringent accountability by National government of all corrupt people

> End exploitation of poor & implement our 10-Point agenda.

10 Point Agenda

> Home for every homeless.

> Employment for everyone or unemployment benefits.

> 50% off on food, necessities and other articles of daily use for the poor.

> 50% reduction in the taxes on gas, water and electricity for the poor.

> State insurance scheme, social security and medical services for the people.

> Free and compulsory education for everyone up to Matriculation.

> 50 million acres of land to be distributed among the poor farmers. They`ll be made the owners of the land.
> 10000 peace training centres to be set-up to eliminate extremism and
terrorism from the mind-set of the people.
> Respectable employment opportunities for the women. They`ll be provided
with basic home industry so that they too can become equal members of
> Minimised disparity in pay-structure.

Dr.Qadri stated that under the new set-up there`ll be strict accountability. Everyone will be scrutinized and punished strictly for corruption, embezzlement of public funds and other offences.

The new set-up will give rights to religious minorities and safeguard their culture, practices and places of worship. They`ll be recognised not as a minority but as equal citizen of Pakistan.

Under the new set-up through Peace Training Centres, there`ll be gradual conditioning of the people to reduce sectarianism and eliminate extremism and terrorism. The curriculum of schools will change and have teachings related to moderation, peace, harmony and integration.

Under the new set-up a peasant will be able to question the decisions made by the rulers and everyone will be given equal opportunity to participate in elections.

Through devolution of powers, authority will be de-centralised and shifted to lower levels so that concentration of power cannot take place at the centre. More provinces will be made, at least 32 provinces are required in this country of 180 million people on administrative basis to allocate the resources properly.

Dr.Qadri lifted the veil from his new system of government which he has termed as Participatory Democracy. He said that he`ll soon announce the time frame within which these changes should be made. He made it clear that the marchers will keep sitting till the time sitting government resigns.

During the speech the marchers apprehended an armed gun-man who is said to be a body-guard of a sitting Minister. The gun-man was there to cause chaos and bloodshed by opening fire. He was apprehended, Dr.Qadri told the marchers to be peaceful and bring the gunman on the stage where Dr.Qadri embraced him and told him to leave this path of murder and bloodshed. The gunman`s id card was taken by the security and he was allowed to go back.

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