Where are our missing sisters?

On 17th June, Punjab Police killed 14 people including 2 women and injured 100 in Model Town, Lahore. On 9th August Punjab Police killed 6 men and arrested over 15000 people form all over Punjab including women.These people were going to attend a spiritual gathering and a memorial event for the martyrs of 17th June Massacre. Women were abducted, dragged on streets, slapped on their faces and shot upon by the thugs and criminals of Punjab Police.

Till this moment [14 August 2014] they are missing, God knows what is being done with them by the savages of Punjab police. 6 dead bodies of those who were killed on 9th August are also missing, the Punjab Government has hidden their bodies to reduce the death toll.

Model Town in Lahore has been under an inhumane siege since the last 10 days and now even food and water isn`t being allowed to be taken inside. Thousands of people live there and at least 20000 people are present inside Model Town, in and around Minhaj ul Quran secretariat to start the Revolution March towards Islamabad (in a few hours). A worker died last night when his ambulance wasn`t allowed to go outside to the Jinnah Hospital in Lahore. Is this not a violation of human rights?

The government has accused Dr.Qadri of inciting violence whereas Dr.Qadri has issued an open invitation to the government and all the human rights organizations to come and visit Model Town and search for any kind of weapon. If a single bullet is found then he`ll give himself up and accept whatever punishment the state decides.Why? Because Dr.Qadri is the biggest opponent of armed uprising against the state. He has issued a 600 page fatwa against terrorism and suicide bombings and has categorically declared armed uprising against a state as unlawful under the light of Quran and the revealed Islamic law.

All the baseless allegations of the current despotic regime are just to stop and scare Dr. Qadri and the millions of oppressed people who have risen to take back their rights from a few families which have taken control of all the resources of the country.

The government has falsely accused Dr.Qadri of violence whereas Government itself has abducted hundreds of women who supported Dr.Qadri. Almost 25000 men and women have been arrested all across the country and they are being kept in torture cells and undisclosed locations.

This isn`t Nigeria, this isn`t Boko Haram, this is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and this was done by the state controlled police.

Is the world going to silently watch yet another massacre?

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


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