The Nawaz Government’s downward spiral of doom

Pakistan’s political climate is undergoing a dramatic change; on one hand the furious storm of Dr Qadri is battling its way through all possible hurdles for the sake of a prosperous Pakistan whilst at the same time, Imran Khan’s breeze is passing by, almost completely undisturbed, with PMLN’s thunder and lightning beating down upon the shelter-less, trapped workers of Dr Qadri. The media, as always, is proving to be irresponsibly reporting whatever false scripts they have been fed and paid for, whilst hiding the true situation in Pakistan. Huge credit goes to those few individuals who are doing their utmost to portray the extent to which the Government’s barbaric behaviour is continuing in Pakistan despite threats to their livelihood.
Fortunately, there are some mediums which allow us to portray the true image of Pakistan’s worsening situation:

It must be remembered that Dr Tahir ul Qadri is an academic of Law, with most of the current lawyers being former students of Dr Qadri. He is aware of every article in the Constitution, and indeed it must be said, that the Constitution was like the lost books of Solomon, having been uncovered and laid bare to the people by Dr Qadri himself, particularly in 2012. Therefore it is no surprise that Dr Qadri called upon a march in remembrance for the martyrs of the Model Town Massacre which took place on 17th June 2014 in accordance with the demands of the Constitution. Having martyred 14 people previously, the blood thirsty government has called for renewed attacks upon the workers of PAT and upon Dr Qadri, insisting upon his kidnap, arrest or even assassination. This call by the Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif is a gross violation of the following articles of the Constitution amongst others:

• Article 9 Security of person: No person shall be deprived of life or liberty
• Article 15 Freedom of movement, etc: Every citizen shall have the right to remain in, and, subject to any reasonable restriction imposed by law in the public interest, enter and move freely throughout Pakistan and to reside and settle in any part thereof.
• Article 16 Freedom of assembly: Every citizen shall have the right to assemble peacefully and without arms, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of public order.
• Article 19 Freedom of speech, etc: Every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression, and there shall be freedom of the press, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam or the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan

The Prime Minister, the Chief Minister, the bureaucrats working beneath them and the police force must be questioned: under which article were they allowed to impose several large containers around Lahore, sealing the entire Model Town region? Where in the Constitution has it been written that those wanting to assemble peacefully should be treated with shelling, tear gas, forbidding access to food, water, electricity, oil and medicine? Which article permits barriers to be placed on roads leading to Jinnah hospital, blocking the injured from entering and leaving them to suffer untreated and die a miserable death?

The Government has some nerve then, to accuse the peaceful protestors of Model Town who were preparing for a national sitting of reading the Holy Qur’an, of being violent, when in fact the raising of sticks and stones was only an act of self-defence against the heavily armed Sharif forces. Self-defense is an innate instinct in any human being, and is the only justified, reciprocated response to the tyranny of the police forces. As if merciless, continuous attacks upon the defenceless civilians was not enough, the Government further orders for the police force to infiltrate the ranks of the PAT workers by dressing up as civilians and then attacking the police themselves. The Prime Minister must pride himself for his zero-tolerance policy, watching innocent children, women and elderly being severely beaten, wounded, kidnapped and even dying, in some cases, as a result of the injuries. Further and further the Nawaz Government stoops, and the media blindly plays its reel of PAT being workers being violent and abusive. As Malcolm X rightly said,

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

The Prophetic Traditions teach us that when one’s character is questioned, his previous life must be recalled in order to judge accurately. Dr Tahir ul Qadri has an excellent, renowned image throughout the world of being a champion of peace; the historic 600-paged Fatwa condemning terrorism, the Interfaith Peace Conference at Wembley in 2010 and the non-violent million-man march in January 2013 are all a credit to Dr Qadri’s peace-loving persona. It cannot be denied that true peace and democracy have always been his ultimate goals. Thus it is hard to believe the ludicrous lies of the media, stating that Dr Qadri calls upon violence and is himself a murderer. What is more ludicrous is that the common man, who has abandoned the strings of his own brain, is now being played like a half-wit puppet, believing the lies which are fed into willing ears.

The media constantly chants a wailing rhetoric, wanting the masses to believe that PAT murdered a police officer despite open reports by the brother of the deceased, stating that he died in a vehicle accident. What the media will hide from the masses is that the scene of the accident was purposely manipulated in order to lay the blame on PAT. These tactics of war are only furthering the ongoing violence, and are fuelling anger in the peaceful workers of PAT. Such opportunistic acts by the Government are incredibly shameful and unfair. One may perhaps believe that this is the extent to which the Government can fall and no further but today, on the 12th August, it has been proven that there is truly no limit. This spiral of doom will result in an effective crash and burn of the Government and all those who supported it, ensuring that they never rise again.
In his press conference today, Dr Qadri rightly stated that he had equipped his workers for 33 years with a spiritual, ethical, moral and ideological training, having condemned every form of violence, brutality, aggression, militancy and terrorism. Throughout the world he has organised camps of deradicalisation to instil peaceful character and philosophy in the youth, having challenged the violent, terrorist organisations who spread radical Islam. With conviction and firm belief upon his character and the character of his own people, did Dr Qadri openly challenge high officials of the Government, representatives of every political party, and Amnesty Pakistan to come to the Gaza-like area of Model Town to search for illegal arms stating that, if any were found, the Inqilab March would be cancelled. No man can make such a bold statement without having complete satisfaction that the latter would prove unsuccessful in their search. Thus, it is not unexpected that the shameless police then planted a box of bullets in the car of a female PAT worker. It is no surprise that, wanting to incite more violence, anarchy and chaos, the police have martyred six PAT workers and have hidden the location of their bodies. It is not impossible to believe that several hundreds of female PAT workers have been taken against their will, subjected to forceful physical and mental torture and abuse.

Under such disastrous times, the two days left until the long-anticipated Inqilab March of 14th August seem to be an eternity away. We are under no illusion that there will be no more deaths or casualties, nor that revolution will be easily achieved. We are prepared for the ongoing criticism of the media, accusing us of being responsible for spreading anarchy. We are prepared to colour the soil of our motherland with our blood. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to demand justice from those who have monopolised freedom of expression, the right to live, the right to food and shelter. But the Government must remember, all blood runs red.

by Mariya Qadri

Team Operation Pakistan


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