Lahore under Governments inhumane siege

Since almost last 10 days the province of Punjab and the city of Lahore in particular has been under governments inhumane siege. Patients have died while on their way to hospitals due to road blockades, people have been forced to crawl under the containers . Last night government intensified its siege of Model Town in Lahore and imposed a total blockade of the area where thousands of people are present, not just civilians but also supporters of Dr.Qadri. Men, women and children have been under an inhumane siege, there is a shortage of food, water and medical supplies in the area. When humanitarian organizations bring trucks of food and water the police stops them and sends them back.

Furthermore the government has placed a false allegation that Minhaj ul Quran International which has a special consultative status from United Nations Organization. Minhaj ul Quran is present in over 90 countries and in the last 30 years there hasn`t been a single incident of violence and terrorism related to Minhaj ul Quran. Since last 30 years, MQI arranges annual spiritual Itikaf for 10 days in Lahore, which is the biggest spiritual gathering in the whole world after the 2 Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.

In 2013 the workers and supporters of same organization held a 5 day sit-in for electoral reforms and not a single incident of violence was reported.

In a press conference just a few minutes ago, Dr.Qadri has invited high level and objective politicians from all the leading political parties of the country and delegations of human rights organization and human rights activists to visit Model Town, Lahore. Search every single building of Minhaj ul Quran and every single worker and if a single bullet or bomb or any sort of weapon is found then he`ll call off the Inqilab March and ban his organization forever and present himself in front of the whole nation for punishment. But if nothing is found then the government should immediately end the inhumane blockade of Gaz-Lahore sorry I forgot I was talking about Lahore and not about Gaza.

I am just getting this news right now that ARY News, the leading news channel in Pakistan has been shut down in Lahore and its transmission has been blocked because it was revealed the true extent of governments atrocities.

The government is planning a massacre in Model Town on the night of 13th August, this is the reason why all entry and exit routes are being blocked. But they must remember that you can never keep someone pinned down to the ground without staying down with him.

I am Danial Ahmed and I will keep reporting till they come and silence me forever.

Team Operation Pakistan


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