Timeline of events from 17th June 2014



The date is out now. Addressing a huge gathering of civilians and workers of all the allied parties, Dr.Qadri declared 14th August 2014 as the starting date of the Inqilab(Revolution) March towards Islamabad.

2 marches led by Dr.Qadri and Imran Khan will march towards Lahore. Although both parties have a difference of final goal, but as they say 2 heads are better than one. It is expected that at some point in the coming days PTI Chairman Imran Khan will confirm with Dr.Qadri`s demands of a complete change in the existing setup of government in the country.

Presently not only Pakistan Awami Tehreek and its allies but also the general population of Pakistan agrees that the current government has lost its right to govern, it never had that right in the first place since the elections of 2013 were the most rigged elections in the history of Pakistan. But their acts of state terrorism and brutal torture on men, women and children has now turned the entire population against them.

It is expected that the government will use more coercive measures in the coming days to threaten and stop the Inqilab March towards Islamabad. Internal reports suggest that the government is getting ready to mobilize its own supporters to confront the marchers of Dr.Qadri and Imran Khan.

There are also confirmed reports that Punjab Chief Minister and the principal accused in the Model Town Killings and the Massacre of 9th August, has inducted 5000 trained killers and terrorists in the Punjab Police force solely for the purpose of killing the marchers who are simply raising their voice for the 180 million oppressed people of Pakistan.

Ex- Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi in a press conference earlier on 11th August revealed that the police has been given orders to kill 10 people daily to instill fear in the hearts of those who are coming out to protest against the government. It must be noted here that Ex PM Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Ex CM Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi have been deprived of their constitutional right of state security as ex Prime Minister of Pakistan and ex Chief Minister of Punjab. Furthermore Punjab Government threatened a private security firm which was hired by Minhaj ul Quran for the security on their international secretariat in Lahore. “Hasham Security” firm buckled under government pressure and pulled out their guards who were being paid by Minhaj ul Quran for personal security.

These moves of the Federal and Punjab Government have made it clear beyond any doubt that the government wants to crush Dr.Qadri`s movement and his march which is for the restoration of true democracy by hook or by crook. But the Government must remember what John F. Kennedy said

“Those who make peaceful revolutions impossible, make violent revolutions inevitable.”


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