Don`t forget Gaza via @DaliaZLababidi

There is so much happening in the world right now that it is becoming more and more difficult to keep an eye on all events of oppression and tyranny. I wasn`t able to focus on Gaza much as my own country is burning under tyranny right now and in the last week we lost almost 8 people as a result of state oppression and tyranny.

Situation in Gaza hasn`t changed much, after the first 3 day ceasefire, Israel once again resumed its attacks on Gaza and there is news coming in that another 3 day ceasefire has been agreed. I hope this is true. This isn`t a solution but at least it`ll prevent the loss of lives.

We cannot forget Gaza, this is how Zionists work, they work by the way of deception. They ignited a fire in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Pakistan so that no one looks towards Gaza. Yes we`ll fight the Zionist plans at home and yes we`ll fight against the zionist plans in Gaza too!

It is the duty of humans, specially the youth, regardless of your faith to raise your voice against oppression. You can write, you can paint, you can sing and you can protest. Use all means of protest to raise awareness and turn the public opinion in favour of the oppressed to such an extent that the atrocities stop once and for all.


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