Dear Pakistan

Dear Pakistan,

I know you don’t know me and I probably don’t matter to you, but I’ll just ask you to read this message.

Yesterday you saw the heartless murder of your sons and daughters executed by the people that were supposed to protect them. Despair, frustration, and anger are all lingering in the air. The limit is being reached. Those that have conformed for countless generation are starting to wake up but not quick enough.

Fear has been embedded in your children’s soul just as deeply as the Qur’an’s teachings.

There’s nothing worse than a society that lives in fear. However, there’s nothing more powerful than a society that has broken the chains of fear. Pakistan, your people are starting to break those chains. Some have already broken them and are helping others to break it, but each one must destroy their own chain. These chains seem tougher than they truly are, but I know your people will break free from them and rise united as the force that has long been awaited.

See, yesterday, one of your sons told me what happened and all I could do was thank God for keeping him out of harm’s way. I don’t know if his days are counted or not. All I know is that he’s one of those willing to die for this land. And, he’s not the only one that is will not think twice before dying for a better future.

The only thing I want to ask you is that these sacrifices, these deaths, and this blood being spilled, don’t let it be in vain. Everyone needs to wake up. Don’t wake up to blindly follow someone who speaks nicely. Wake up and Rise up for the future of your land. Rise up for justice and for a different future!

Dark days are already upon you but only you have the power to make the sun rise again.

Just please wake up Pakistan, your revolution has already started!

~Lex Solo


One Reply to “Dear Pakistan”

  1. Reblogged this on Lex Solo's Political Rantings and commented:
    I wrote this post a couple of hours ago after learning about what happened in Pakistan. What’s going on over there, really hits home because I’ve experienced movements that should’ve been revolutions but failed becuase people were afraid to stand up. And, as a result I’ve seen a lot innocent blood spilled due to cowardice. My hope is that those Pakistanis who are considering staying away from the situation, reconsider that position.

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