When police become terrorist


Words failed me when I was writing about Gaza, words have failed me et again. Pakistans government has taken a leaf out of the book of Netanyahu and decided to crackdown, abuse and massacre the innocent and unarmed protestors who raised the slogan to bring an end to corruption, oppression and tyranny.

Last night it was Lahore, today entire Punjab has become a battle ground, Police is arresting and now it has started to shoot unarmed protesters who are trying to reach Lahore. The protesters have now been forced to pick up stones and sticks to defend themselves. Earlier the people ended the illegal siege of Model Town by removing the containers placed there by their bare hands.

Earlier today Police did what had never happened in the entire history of the Indian sub-continent before. The shrines of two most notable sufi saints Khwaja Ghulam Fareed[r.a] and Sultan Bahu[r.a] were attacked by police because the caretakers of these shrines also came out to support Dr.Qadri. The house where Khwaja Ghulam Fareed[r.a] used to live was raided and the doors were broken. This is something which the people could never have thought of, these sufi saints were the first ones to spread Islam in sub-continent and their entire lives were dedicated to spread the teachings of love, peace and harmony. It is appalling that the current regime has dropped to such a low level that it is not thinking about the consequences of their inhumane actions.

Just a few minutes ago the government of Punjab headed by Shahbaz Shareef upon whose orders 14 civilians were killed on 17th June, issued arrest warrants of Dr.Qadri . This is going to be the biggest mistake of the government. The people of Pakistan are already agitated, they are already demanding the killers of 17th June massacre to be brought to justice. If the government makes another mistake the people will lose their patience and march towards their palaces. The regime should not forget the end of Gaddafi and Mubarak.



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