When Injustice Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty

While I am writing this, the sun of 8th August rises, the very first rays of light are breaking through the darkness of the night and illuminating the horizon. Things on ground are not much different. Pakistan is in a state of paralysis right now. The country`s most populated province Punjab is in a lockdown. All routes going to state capital Islamabad and provincial capital Lahore have been blocked. Rest of the country too is paralysed as everyone is uncertain about the future. What is going to happen?

I can tell you what is going to happen. A revolution is about to take place in Pakistan. Dr.Qadri the leader of this uprising has announced to observe 10th August as they day of martyrs of 17th June Model Town Massacre and the martyrs of Operation Zarb e Azb against the terrorists. The government reacted in totally unjustified manner and started to arrest workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek. They tried to lay a siege around Model Town where Dr. Qadri lives, but failed as workers and civilians came in 1000`s on Dr.Qadri`s call . It must be remembered that Dr.Qadri has not yet given the final call to come out on the streets, that is yet to happen. But the government is in such a state of panic that they have pre-emptively attacked Dr.Qadri.

As we speak Model Town, Lahore is under severe tear gas shelling.

Not just shelling, Punjab police has set up check points at various key locations to search and stop anyone who attempts to go near Dr.Qadri`s residence. It must be remembered that a crowd of millions is expected at 10th to remember the sacrifice of martyrs. The Government is scared that the millions on 10th will herald the end of their corrupt regime which is why every bus, every car and every vehicle bound towards Lahore is being strictly checked and Police is arresting the men and abusing the women who appear to have any sort of connection with Dr.Qadri.



The government is clearly defying Articles 4 and 16 and well the entire constitution has been suspended. If they can kill 14 people and not allow their F.I.R to be registered then we can expect anything from this government. There is no rule of law in Pakistan and there certainly is no democracy. The Police has become personal force of the ruling family therefore it is no more obligatory upon the citizen to comply to the illegal state terrorism of the police.

The job of police is to protect the people and not torture them in return. The public has taken it to the streets to bring back law and order in the country and to end this night of terrorism, oppression and torture.

I am Danial Ahmed and I will keep updating you till they come and silence me forever.

Team Operation Pakistan


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