An attempt to escape justice



This exclusive document was revealed by Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri earlier today ( 7th August 2014 ). This document proves that the current undemocratic,corrupt and oppressive regime of Pakistan led by PMLN is planning to escape from the country. They have realised that this revolution cannot be stopped and have planned a bloody massacre and they have already packed their bags to escape to the United States of America.

The ruling family has applied for the visa`s of their personal household servants including dry-cleaners, chefs, drivers and maids. If you can read the document then you will realise that they want to leave as early as possible which is why they requested the American Embassy to conduct the interviews at the earliest.

This document proves that the corrupt rulers are shivering with fear now, they have looted, plundered and killed the innocent people in this country for over 30 years and now their rule is coming to an end.

The government has laid siege to Model Town in Lahore where Dr.Qadri`s residence is situated, despite tough crackdown workers are gathering outside Dr.Qadri`s residence and their number is in thousands. Through out the day Dr.Qadri has been with his workers and a number of other leaders of the allied parties have come to meet Dr.Qadri walking on foot for several kilometres as the vehicles aren`t being allowed near.

I am Danial Ahmed and will keep updating you till they come and silence me forever.

Team Operation Pakistan


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