Change is the only permanent factor

Nothing in this world is permanent, every thing that rises, must also fall. Every thing that has life must also taste death. Rise of nations is followed by their fall as they become stationery with decadent rulers. There is only one thing that is permanent and that is change.

A system which appears as functional and good today might become corrupted tomorrow. Those people who claim that “the system shouldn`t be derailed” in my opinion are too shallow to look beyond their personal gains and interests. Lets go back into history for there lies a very important lesson for us.

Prophet Yusuf(Joseph) [Peace be upon him] was sold to Potiphar the Captain of the Palace Guards of the Pharoah. After the imprisonment when Prophet Yusuf [Peace be upon him] interpreted the pharoah`s dream, the Pharoah(of Hyksos dynasty) became happy with Joseph and raised him to the rank of a local ruler or technically, the Pharoah made Joseph[peace be upon him] the Minister for the collection and distribution of food. Joseph was made the ruler over a particular area.

Joseph`s era in Egypt was one of development and progress. His time marks the era of Hyksos dynasty, these Pharoah`s were different from later Pharoahs which came during the era of Prophet Moses[Peace be upon him]. Hyksos rulers were more accommodating to foreigners which is why we see Joseph[Peace be upon him] being raised to the rank of a ruler even though he wasn`t an Egyptian by origins. I am not a  scholar or an expert on ancient Egyptian history so please forgive my mistakes if any. The Hyksos dynasty was a time when Egyptian civilization was flourishing, the system was still new with less flaws, the pharoah`s didn`t have absolute power over the system, people from surrounding areas were still coming into the kingdom.

Therefore the time was perfect for Joseph[Peace be upon him] to take the reigns and implement the rule of God and preach monotheism in a society which was founded on idolatry. Joseph[Peace be upon him] ruled firmly and justly for a long time, using his prophetic wisdom to serve humanity.

Almost 500 years later..

Prophet Moses[Peace be upon him] was sent to the same civilization. Was brought up by one of the most tyrannical pharoah of the Egyptian civilization. Moses was raised under the same system which almost 500 years ago was used by Joseph. But unlike Joseph, Moses stood up against the system of tyranny and corruption. Because during Moses`s time, Pharoah had become a God, the people worshipped the Pharoah and he had total and absolute control and authority over the system. The same system which Joseph had used to spread the message of monotheism, had now become corrupted beyond repair.

Therefore Moses now came to take a stand against the Pharoah, against the tyranny and he prepared the people to revolt, to rise up. It took Moses[Peace be upon him] almost 18 years to wake up the people of Egypt. The people were nwilling to leave the ways of their forefathers, they were unwilling to face the torture , they were unwilling to change their state, but back to back Divine punishments and signs and untiring efforts of Moses[Peace be upon him] finally made the people realise truth.

The truth that the system which had made Egypt one of the leading civilization, had now become redundant and corrupted beyond repair. They knew that as long as the Pharoah and his system were there, there could be no hope of a better future. Thus the exodus happened.

This is the rise and fall of nations. Nations rise when they become flexible and adopt a system which benefit humanity and nations fall when they become inflexible and corrupt, when they fail to realise that staying stationary will only fasten their downfall. Nations fall when they resist change!

This is applicable in modern day as well. The prevalent system today is Democracy, there are many different forms of democracy. You simply cannot take American democracy and juxtapose it on Pakistan for example. Why? because democracy mainly rests on the rule of masses and to have a functional democracy you first need to have the pre-requisites of Democracy in place like religious tolerance, freedom of expression, social justice, right to differ with the powerful etc. If these pre-requisites do not exist in a society then you first need to build that society up. This is exactly why middle east is in up in flames today. America tried to impose its own brand of democracy in countries which were ruled by dictators for decades.If you release a bird which was hatched inside a cage, that bird will flutter around the cage excitedly for a while and then drop down due to exhaustion.

Same applies to Pakistan, this country has never seen a stable system let alone stable democracy, current leaders claim to be champions of democracy when in reality democracy doesn`t even exist in the country, the country is being run by a system of corrupt and dynastic politics where two parties namely PPP and PML-N take turns to rule the country and when they damage the country beyond repair Army is forced to intervene through Martial law. Pakistan doesn`t have democracy and Pakistan doesn`t have dictatorship.

Dr.Qadri is going to announce the date of the final call for revolution tomorrow, he has already shown a glimpse of the system he has prepared. His 10 point agenda gives a hint that he wants Pakistan to become a welfare state. Dr.Qadri claims that his revolution will usher participatory politics in the country, where there`ll be equal representation of every sector and every class of society. Farmers will be represented by farmers and not by wealthy corporate agricultural lords, people of middle class will be represented by their own chosen representatives, not by wealthy elite who only surface during the election season to beg for votes and so on.

The details of Dr.Qadri`s 10 point agenda have already been discussed in a previous article.

But first, the people have to rise up for their rights, the new system cannot be implemented as long as the current despotic system exists in the country. Remember resistance to change leads a nation to its downfall, Pakistan is already going through a dark time. There is turmoil in the entire region, maps of middle east are changing, new powers are emerging in the region and Pakistans neighbor India-taking advantage of the weak internal situation of Pakistan- is already gearing up for an Israeli style incursion in Pakistan.In such a time if people of Pakistan don`t rise to change their present system, then they`ll damage themselves beyond repair by putting the country`s nuclear deterrence at risk.

You wanted a leader, now you have one! Now unite and rise!

Part of the series Elements of Deception and Slavery

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


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