To Revolt or Not to Revolt?

I’m reaching a point in life in which reality does not match what I believe and even what I see could be both true and false at the same time. Humanity is reaching a point that disgusts me to my very core. I see people dying on the streets and the media telling me everyone is perfectly fine and living happily. I see governments bombing others with the excuse of self-defense, yet when you look at the “terrorist” that attacked first, you realize how insignificant his attack was to justify such a reaction. Then, I see Presidents preaching about justice, equality and human rights, and they’re the first ones to turn a blind-eye at the massive genocides they’ve helped perpetrate in order to protect their “interests”. I see people being oppressed by dictatorships and living under fake democracies whose only purpose is to give an image to the outside world, so no one delves in their business. I also see students rising up to protest peacefully against injustice, only to be greeted by violence by the institution that’s supposed to protect them. I see corruption embedded deeply in the systems of government that the only way to rooted it out is to do a massive cleanse from within. I see innocent kids dying and suffering everywhere, while in the next block I see people working and spending their wealth in unnecessary luxurious items without any regard of what’s happening in front of their eyes. I see millions of people jumping in the bandwagon of social media to “spread awareness” to a cause only to forget about it 3 days later. I see groups of people angry, frustrated and standing up to make a statement, but they die alone because the society they’re fighting for is too comfortable to stand up and fight for themselves and the nation they adore.

Humanity fears change, yet it craves and prays for it to come. Humanity is waiting for a leader to change the reality they all know is wrong, but refuse to even try to change it.

Humanity is waiting for a leader to change the status quo that they don’t like but still accept. They are waiting for a leader to fight for them. But how can you expect someone to fight for you if you’re not willing to do so yourself? Stay comfortable and watch as your society and reality continues to crumble until all those very rights you once took for granted no longer exist. It all comes down to one decision: to revolt or not to revolt? If you’re waiting for a leader to lead you, then do everyone a favor and stay home. But, if you believe and know that what you’re living is unjust and inhumane and are willing to die for the land you call home so future generations can live freely, then stand up and revolt because by waiting all you’re doing is harming yourself and your society.

Lex Solo


3 Replies to “To Revolt or Not to Revolt?”

  1. I don`t know what your feelings were while writing this, but I could literally feel the pain. Humanity has lost all social consciousness. We see people dying around us, rights being snatched away, voices being suppressed, we even feel their pain but we somehow cannot go past that mental and social barrier to actually realise that fact that we have a voice too, we too have our rights and we can and must do our part.

    I remember reading somewhere that when Nelson Mandela was arrested a group of youth were protesting, they came to protest at a particular place every weekend, one day a person told them to stop protesting as their number was small and it was clear that their protest wasn`t going to change anything, hearing this a protester replied,

    We don`t care about being successful or not, we don`t care about our numbers, we`ll keep protesting because we know that we are right!

    If you know that you are right, then stand up for your cause and revolt.


    1. For about a week, I hadn’t been able to sit down and write. The blank page would stare at me blankly. I would look at what was happening on social media and everything being posted was mainly nonsense and trivial “problems” about life. Then I would read your posts on my site and regain some sense of hope.

      So, I sat down and wrote using all the moments of human suffering I’ve witnessed popping on my mind, with the sole intention of waking people up. We can’t continue to live in ignorance. Things need to change.

      The response of that protester is the mentality we all need to have!


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