O Muslim youth, are you ready to take on this challenge?

O Muslim youth, you have a great task at hand. Zionist companies have taken over the world ( you kept watching evil villians trying to take over the world in cartoons, well guess what they have already done and you are still stuck watching those silly cartoons like brainwashed slaves) and now we are literally enslaved to them. The Zionist companies covertly and overtly support Israel with monetary and other forms of funding. Investors from Israel have major stakes in multi-national companies.

Companies like Intel, Dell, Nokia, Nestle and products like Nescafe, KitKat ( ) etc are all directly or indirectly supporting Israel. Muslims have almost nothing to their credit, so the question is, YOU, yes you the youth of this Muslim ummah, are you ready to take this great burden to pool in your intelligence your skills and your resources to create brands,products and companies which support Muslims? Which donate part of their profits to countries like Palestine, most of all brands and products which can break the monopoly of Zionist traders and merchants and bankers all over the world?

Boycotting Isreal is a temporary solution, we need long term planning to fight them. Spread this message everywhere, don`t share it, copy and paste it on your TL`s if you run any page then post it on that page.

Lets see if the youth has awakened after seeing the brutal holocaust in Gaza, lets see if the youth can actually do something other than posting fiery and emotional status updates. Lets see if the youth is willing to make this “ummah” rise again or not.

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


2 Replies to “O Muslim youth, are you ready to take on this challenge?”

  1. I feel like, in America at least, the only way to cripple the Corporate State is withdrawal but the people of America are lulled to sleep by gadgets, cars, movies, malls, etc… I for one am working towards needing corporations as little as possible. It’s a small step, and not an easy one to take, but I think it’s the only way to prove a point to the greed of the corporations that rule American society. Guess it’s needed everywhere.


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