Eid in Gaza

Eid day marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, it marks the end of the month of fasting and patience, the three days of Eid are days of celebration for Muslims, when they visit their loved ones and forget the pains of this world. The Eid day starts with ritual prayers in the morning and then Muslims visit each other, distribute sweets and thank God for all the blessings.

Not in Gaza.

As the rays of the morning sun broke through the darkness of the night, the people in Gaza prepared to offer their morning and Eid prayers, there was no happiness, there was no joy, the mosques have been destroyed, but still the resilient people of Gaza offered prayers in destroyed mosques, the day started with an unnerving quietness. After the prayers, people didn`t go to visit their loved ones, instead people flocked to the graveyards to pay respect to the martyrs of the last 20+ days.

As the afternoon approached, it brought the onslaught of Israeli missiles and bombs with it. Something the people of Gaza are used to right now, but it seems as if Israel hasn`t run out of ideas of creating bigger massacres every day. Today too, in the afternoon as the kids were playing outside, some waiting for their turn on the swings, after all it was the Eid day, the adults understand the pain of this war, but kids will always be kids, they see sunshine even when it is overcast, the air was full of their laughter and giggles, running around, just having some fun after a month full of torture and pain. When all of a sudden a missile struck and then there was nothing but smoke and cries of parents who couldn`t believe what had happened. Were their children firing rockets on Israel? Were they terrorists? They were just waiting for their turn on the swing.

This is how Israel greeted Gaza on the Eid day.

Since then Gaza has been under constant bombardment and now Israeli cabinet has given the go to expand the operation even further. If the last month was worst, then I can`t imagine what is to come next.


This is how Gaza celebrates Eid. But don`t worry, this is Gaza`s war, you don`t have to worry one bit, keep going on with your life, kids are dying in Gaza, but they aren`t your kids. Keep using Israeli and Zionist products, because this isn`t your war, or is it, if you consider yourself a human ..


by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan

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