No shelter in Gaza

Let me reiterate one point which has been mentioned by sister Dalia .

The total land area of Israel is 20770 sq km, and the total population of Israel is almost 7 million, this means that est 337 people live per sq km in Israel. This is modest by international standards. Now lets look at Gaza, the total land area of Gaza is 360 sq km and the population of Gaza is almost 2 million, this means that estimated 5556 people live per sq km in Gaza. This is how overcrowded Gaza is – there are people everywhere in Gaza. When you shoot a missile on a house which allegedly belongs to Hamas’ leaders, you are going to hit at least 5 houses on either side.

There are people everywhere in Gaza,if you hit one house, you destroy 10 houses in the process. There is no shelter, no safe place in Gaza, schools are bombed, houses are bombed, hospitals are bombed, even ambulances aren`t spared in Gaza, the only safe place seems to be the grave-oh wait, not even graveyards have been spared, IDF has repeatedly bombed the graveyards of Gaza.

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


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