Post Revolutionary Pakistan [Part 6]

The previous lecture was about the resources that will bring prosperity in the country through the 10 point agenda of PAT.
In the past all resources were used for corruption and for the ruling families.

The mines in Baluchistan are like gold mines and are worth Rs 100,000 billion.The Rekodic mines have enough resources that is sufficient to cover the economic crisis in the country.We have enough resources in Pakistan to stop corruption and help the country prosper.

Saindak gold mines have $50 billion worth of gold in Baluchistan.There are Uranium mines in Baluchistan that are worth Rs.2 billion.Platinum mines in Baluchistan are worth Rs.100000 billion.Rs.200 000 billion worth of oil resources are also available in the country.

Gawadar can become  a present day Dubai in Pakistan. The income from the resources of Gwadar can be as high as Rs. 2000 billion.There is a need of true leadership in Pakistan to utilize these precious resources for the prosperity of this country.These corrupt leaders have fixed commission from foreign countries to sell the expensive resources of the country.We need freedom from the hands of the corrupt rulers and the Revolution will achieve this.These corrupt leaders have had meetings in New York and India for their private businesses.

If we do not free the country from the hands of the corrupt, they will sell the whole country for their personal benefits
On 26 Sept 2013, Nawaaz shareef had a 90 minutes meeting with some company CEO in New York.

The nation is unaware of how the country is being sold. Gwadar can become Dubai today, $20 billion in annual revenue can be generated but it is used for the Commission. Family members of the corrupt leaders have already met CEO’s of big firms from across the world. Why are these corrupt leaders having meetings with different companies on Rekodic resources?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is discussing businesses with the Prime Minister of India,Nawaaz Shareef’s family has had meetings on Rekodic Mines in London offices; the PM has got family partnership with the companies.

I question the whole nation on what mandate are the rulers discussing Recodec mines outside of Pakistan.These resources are the assets of the nation of Pakistan and not the assets of Nawaz Sharif’s family.Cleaveland house, St James Square London.Tthe PM`s family have partnership with them.

Why are the meetings not done in the parliament on these tenders and companies? Business meetings are taking place behind closed doors, why is there no transparency?
After the Revolution there will be impartiality and transparency in the country.The corrupt rulers are looting the wealth that belongs to the people of Pakistan.Nawaz Sharif has been searching different companies to get maximum kickbacks from these businesses. Why is one family having meetings about Pakistan’s wealth behind closed doors outside of Pakistan?
The sixth company is in Arizona, USA based is also PM’s  relative partnership on Rekodic mines. A big loss in not paying taxes.

My question to the PM, what revenge do you want from the poor? Pakistans natural resources are enough to change their destiny.
However the PM has deprived the poor of this.

Rulers have planned historically corruption, the Supreme Court decision that has been trampled.Poor people of Pakistan are unaware of what has been done to them by these corrupt leaders.

In the last 9 months 80 Special Orders (SRO) were given resulting in Rs.478 billion loss to the national exchequer due to tax exemption.The nation does not have access of what happens in Pakistan, how will they know what the rulers are doing outside of Pakistan?

Minhaj-ul-Quran has given more than 600 schools, university and orphanage and multiple other projects in this country.

8% Federal excise duty of Sugar Mills have been reduced to zero by Nawaaz Shareef. In the last 9 months there is a loss of Rs.70 billion tp national FBR institutions of the country by these corrupt leaders.

Minhaj ul Quran has given the nation schools, hospitals and orphanages. the government has attacked our organisation by bullets.Lets wake up and fight this corruption, and lets save the Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam.

Our solicitor had asked the income tax officer for time, to give answers based on merits which was rejected.In the Minhaj ul Quran assets checking case, instead of giving us some time to answer their charges, the government has made ready its own final decision before time.

The mineral resources are not the property of any political leader, they are the property of Qaid e Azam and 18o million people of Pakistan. After the revolution, all the auctions will be through proper channel, those whom the people do not trust will be rejected, there will be a complete transparency.

The rulers have in the name of privatisation made historical plans if corruption, this is why they did not respect the supreme court’s decision.

Prime minister Nawas Shreef has with the excuse of attending Prime minister of India’s oath taking ceremony, attended his business meetings.The rulers’ eyes are on Pakistan’s mineral resources, if the country does not get rid of these looters, all the mineral resources will be finished through corruption.

Through postings of their choice, rulers have politicised the institutions meant to control corruption, this is why the the country’s resources are not being spent on economic stability.

Team Operation Pakistan


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