Post Revolutionary Pakistan [Part 5]

On 22July 2013 the SC passed a judgement about a list of 58 institutions of which the PM could not take care of. On 22 July 2013 the Supreme Court passed a judgement that the chairmen of 58 big institution who will not be appointed by the PM.

After the Revolution the appointment of people will be on merits and on political neutrality. Pakistan is not lacking in resources. Allah has blessed Pakistan with an abundance of resources.

The SC passed the judgement and also appointed a commission with its function to implement but the PM rejected it. Nawaz Sharif went against the Supreme Court and took the charge of appointments for 35 institutions.

All the members of privatisation commission belong to the Sharif family in one way or another. Pakistan has no shortcoming when it comes to generating wealth and provision as there is an abundance of resources in the country. The SC had passed a judgement that a transparent process would take place to decide who will head national institutions but the PM rejected it.

PML-N members who have no experience for working in privatization commission institutions were appointed by Nawaz Sharif. Rekodic project has one trillion dollars worth of gold and this was going to be privatised by the corrupt rulers for their own benefit. On 22 July 2013 the SC gave a list of 58 National Institutions which will be run through transparency, merits, professional equality & political neutrality.
They are selling it all before the revolution so they can loot as much as they can before they leave. By taking authority over the national institutions the corrupt rulers want to continue with their corruption and remain unaccountable. Privatisation commissions were made and the members are all from PMLN.

All agreements based on corruption will be dissolved after the Revolution. The current PM had published a notification which had taken the authority of national institutions away from the Supreme Court.

There is a Rs.5 billion corruption per month in Pakistan, which will be gradually eliminated after the revolution. For a long time the corrupt leaders have lived off the poor people in Pakistan
They have used resources of Pakistan which belong to the poor and oppressed people in Pakistan. The resources of Pakistan are enough to put an end to foreign loans and to fulfil the needs of the nation.In the world, apolitical privatisation commissions come into existence but in Pakistan, all the privatisation commission members are N League members.

The prime minister has kept the authority of appointing the heads of 35 institutions, thus refusing the Supreme Court’s decision.After the revolution, there will be free and fair elections, the appointments will not be based in politics.

It is a lie when they say they don’t have money for the poor. A personal friend of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari had been appointed as a member of the Privatisation of PMLN. The present rulers do not care about the Supreme Court’s decision, which is not only a contempt of court but also its humiliation.

These corrupt rulers wanted to sell the mines for their future generations and for corruption.The mineral resources in Baluchistan are enough to resolve all the national financial deficits.

The chairman of the privatisation commission has no experience in this field; he has spent his life working for an IT company.The chairman of privatisation has been working within the same IBM computers company for 26 years, and has no experience in his position. Metro bus is another one of their business with commissions.The chairman of the privatisation commission was the one who appointed Arsalan Iftikhar as deputy chairman, who has no experience whatsoever.
$52 billion have been received as a loan in the last year in this corrupt system.The Govt. places unqualified people in important positions so they can control them.

These corrupt rulers are trying to snatch everything they can before revolution, so they can secure their generations. These corrupt rulers have taken the worldwide loan in one year which surpassed all the loans received in the last 28 years. I want to inform the nation and international companies, all agreements based on corruption will be cancelled. If a trustworthy leader is appointed, Pakistan’s natural resources can be utilised to help the nation prosper. The resources which could help the country prosper have been looted by the corrupt rulers

The rulers have appointed incompetent and inexperienced personal employees and servants for the privatisation commission to loot the country.

During the last 28 years, these corrupt rulers have taken worldwide loans for $60 billion. During the first 9 months in power, the current government has taken about $55 billion in loans.The destiny of the nation will never change without a revolution.

What have the poor and the oppressed received from the loans taken by the current rulers? I want to inform the young generations of all the corruption taking place under the name of democracy.They are used to eating haram and calling it democracy. If Zardari was to be born 100 times he will not match the corruption of the Sharif brothers.

Where did the foreign monetary aid and loan go? What have the poor of Pakistan received from these loans?

They can do as much propaganda as they want too, but nothing will get in the way of the revolution. The future of Pakistan after revolution will be bright.

The rulers are looking at Pakistan’s natural resources so that before they leave they can loot the country as much as possible.The nation needs to wake up! These corrupt leaders will not give you anything they will only fill their own pockets.

The present rulers have accumulated so many loans in one year, the poor are deprived now and will be deprived in the future.I want to make the youth aware of the level of corruption in the country. You can character assassinate us as much as you want, the nation is opening their eyes you can’t stop the revolution now.

The enemies of the revolution must know that the days of their rule have been numbered and they cannot stop the revolution now.They spend hour’s character assassinating, but this will never stop the revolution. The nation is aware of the level of corruption.

Team Operation Pakistan


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