Post Revolutionary Pakistan [Part 4]

Yesterday’s lecture focused on the unconstitutional structure of the current government. Democracy is not the name given to a system which does not provide the poor their constitutional right.
Today’s lecture will discuss what the poor will receive after the revolution.

People of Pakistan should be aware of their constitutional rights; they are not begging, they are claiming their rights.Today’s lecture will be about what the lower class Pakistani’s will gain from Revolution.

Articles 41-280 of the Constitution of Pakistan discuss the administration of the government.My foundational message is for the poor of the nation. The 10 point agenda explains why the poor should join the revolution.As per usual I will start my talk quoting the Constitution of Pakistan.

The people of Pakistan should be aware of their rights, it is necessary for them to understand the constitution and the law. The poor should realise that they are not begging from the leaders, it is the Governments duty to give to the poor.The poor should be aware that they are not begging from the system, they are merely asking for their rights.The governmental structure in Pakistan is unconstitutional, unlawful, and against the principles of democracy.

The constitution has been formed since 1973 and in the last 42 years the constitution has not been implemented to its entirety
The first 40 articles of the constitution are about the rights of the people which have not been fulfilled by the corrupt rulers. The constitution has lost its value in the hands of the corrupt rulers
You cannot expect the lower class people of Pakistan to have the constitution in their hands.

Approximately 70-80% of the people in our country are illiterate; we cannot expect them to understand their rights. The public has no value in the eyes of the corrupt rulers. The Constitution of Pakistan can be amended if need be. Article 38 of the Constitution talks about how the standard of the people of Pakistan can be raised.

If the resources will be spent on fulfilling the rights of poor, where will the kingship of these looters go?

We will In-shah’Allah break the two-face scams of everything. The only book that cannot be changed or misused is the Holy Qur’an. The state shall provide the basic necessity of life-Article 38 clause A of the Constitution of Pakistan. According to the Constitution of Pakistan, It is incumbent to provide the resources to its best.

For the past 42 years, the leaders of Pakistan have only gained personal benefits and have provided nothing to the people. If the corrupt leaders cared for Pakistani people then they wouldn’t be able to fill their own pockets, they wouldn’t be able to fill their Swiss banks.
After the revolution, the administrative, financial, jurisdictional, and political powers will be decentralised. There are millions of people in Pakistan who don’t even have clean water to drink.

The implementation of Article 38 is the  basis of our revolution. Every person should have a roof over their head When the poor of Pakistan do not have houses to live in, it is forbidden for the Government to live in their mansions.

We belieive in participatory democracy and will provide its fruits at the door of poor people.Revolution will provide the rights of poor
According to Article 38 clause D says to provide the shelter, food and medicines to the poor. Every homeless will get a house between 1-3 months post revolution. If a homeless has any resources then he will get a land of 3-5 merla size.

The written picture of life after Revolution is in article 38 of the constitution.The present rulers are proving their rebellion against the constitution by suspending the articles related to the people
Every person who needs a job will be provided with it, every homeless will have a house to live in in-shah’Allah(God willing) after Revolution.Price of all the goods including rice, flour, oil, sugar will be 50% reduced post revolution.

The current govt, doesn’t trust anyone outside of their family, they leave major decisions involving money within the family.

The taxes for electricity and water will be dropped for the poor
The constitution of Pakistan contains 280 articles out of which 240 articles are about the political business and the government system.
State medical insurance will be established to provide the free treatment to the deserving. We will bring a medical insurance system to the country so that the poor can gain free treatments.

Every child will have to by law be in school until the 10th grade otherwise the parents who don’t send them to school will be punished.
10 crore acre land of Pakistan is residential and 10 crore is for farming but out of 10 crore 5 crore land of farming is barren that will be given to people for farming.

Education will be compulsory for children and parents will be held responsible for not sending children to school.There will be elimination of sectarianism, terrorism and extremism.

Most of the people do not know the constitution, only those who deal with the law read it. 10 thousand peace centres will be established for training.Corruption has to be stopped to zero percent gradually post revolution.

Since 42 years, the rulers have considered the part of the constitution giving rights to the people as not necessary to be enforced
The 10 point agenda has briefly been described today.

The rulers consider the people worse than animals, this why they have suspended the articles relevant to the people’s rights. I am not saying corruption will end right after Revolution comes but we will gradually eliminate it in-shah’Allah(God willing).

Rs. 5 billion are wasted on daily corruption in this country
We can save Rs. 25 billion rupee on stopping of corruption monthly and Rs. 300 billion annualy can be saved after 25% stopping of corruption.

Rs. 2000 billion annually is wasted in tax leakage that if restored gradually then at least 25% would save 500 arab rupee annually.
Those who go in the parliament go there for their own interest and business, they are not bothered about the peoples’ problems.

The rulers consider the people worse than animals, this why they have suspended the articles relevant to the people’s rights. After the revolution, a severe accountability of the corrupt leaders will be held and the poor people’s wages will be increased.

The rulers have made 20 amendments to the constitution for their own interests, after the revolution we will make amendments for the people’s rights.Article 38 is about the economic prosperity and uplifting people’s life standard, which has been suspended by the rulers.

The rulers are sucking poor people’s blood and are establishing business empires through their children.

Rs. 2000 billion do not go to the Pakistan’s treasury. One month after revolution, the standard of the public hospitals will be raised and the poor will get free treatment. After the revolution, there will be job planning through which youngsters will get either jobs or jobseekers’ allowance, they will not get into debt or be pushed to begging.
It is the right of the poor people to snatch the bites from the rulers if they can not get food to eat. It is unlawful for the rulers to live in kingdoms when poor people do not have a house, it is their right to snatch rulers’ properties.

Our revolution is the enforcement of Art 38 which talks about giving resources and facilities to all the citizens because of tax evasion. After the revolution, it will be controlled.The daily corruption in Pakistan is Rs. 5 billion, after the revolution it will be gradually finished.

After the revolution, the courts dealing with terrorism will give their decisions within 15 days and will not be able to make them pending
After the revolution, sectarianism and extremism will be finished to grant peace in the society.After the revolution, farmers will according to their family needs be given 5 to 10 hectare of land for free to cultivation.

Several firms will be made to give women social protection.Education will be compulsory, those parents who will no abide by it will be punished, and students will be given occasions for higher education upon merit.The poor will be given free medical insurance, which will give them free treatment.


Team Operation Pakistan


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