Like Herding Cats: My not-so-simple struggle through modern activism in the quest of finding reasonable steps towards peace inside of International Conflicts.

Reblogging this post because it speaks of rising up from our prejudices and being a humanitarian,I strongly believe that deep down every religion preaches humanitarianism.

(true) Radicalism in the 21st Century

Hello World-

My name is Madison. Like many writing a blog, I am a twentysomething year old towards the end of my college career and seeking my true path in life…..not that I can ever know completely what that is, but the passion I have towards finding it seems to be helping me through. When I’m not obsessively thinking about the global implications of capitalism, consciousness, the state of our world’s class structure, and issues of social equality, I spend my time as an active painter, singer, traveler, reader, student, hot-sauce connoisseur, INFP, and modern day radical.

Wait a minute…….


I know what you’re thinking- seriously, I do. Everything else sounds fine, but really?  A self-proclaimed radical? That word is -quite literally- thrown all over the place as a buzz word to either scare or to show fanatical allegiance to a one-sided cause, depending on the generation. “What’s so new?”…

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