Post Revolutionary Pakistan [Part 3]

The past two lectures have focused on democracy and a democratic system.Through the past two lectures we have come to a conclusion that there is no democracy in the current system of Pakistan.

In the past episodes we have established that the system of Pakistan does not fulfil and requirements to be entitled democratic.

A democratic system demands the involvement of the people, however voting is not sufficient for the involvement of the people.Democracy comes into existence when the people have a participatory role in all decision-making processes.
Democracy comes into existence when there is decentralisation or the devolution, of the authorities, to the grass root level.
Nations vote for their leaders, they should therefore have the right to impeach the leaders if they do not fulfil their responsibility.

After the revolution, authority will be transferred to grass root level.Revolution is on its way, it’ll be here in a matter of weeks now in-sha’Allah.

Article 40A states, that each province will devolve authority to the representatives of the local government.Local Governmental elections have not taken place in the past 7 years; this is violation of Article 40A of the Constitution.

CM Shahbaz Sharif has been in his position for the past 7 years now.Local body’s elections were conducted by Ayuub Khan, Gen Zia & Gen. Musharraf. There has not been any local govt. election since.There have not been any local government elections in Pakistan since the government of Musharraf.
The corrupt leaders should be held responsible for not allowing local body elections in the past 7 years.

There population of Pakistan is around 200 million and there are only 4 provinces in Pakistan.If the authorities are treacherous, the people have the option to fire their representatives.

Iran has a population of 7 million. It has 30 provinces and 938 divisional govt. Democracy will be established in its true form after the revolution. This will allow the people of Pakistan to have power.There has not been a local election in the past 7 years; this is open rebellion against the constitution.

China has 21,862 municipal governments and 41,631 township governments.

USA has a population of 32million. It has 50 states, 3334 county governments.16450 township governments and 19429 municipal governments.USA has a total of 87575 local governments.

Italy has 20 provinces. Russia has 83 provinces although the population of Russia is 14 million.Pakistan has only 4 provinces as the corrupt do not want authority to be distributed to grass root level.Turkey has 81 provinces, over 3200 municipal governments and 35000 village governments.

Democratic countries increase the number of provinces and transfer resources to grass root level. This is lacking in Pakistan.
The prosperous countries which have an economic growth have all devolved authority to lower levels. 400 cities and 400 rural or town governments, with their own cabinets, will be established in Pakistan.

Pakistan with a population of 20 million and only 4 provinces so that resources are concentrated in a few hands. Every rural council will have 10 elected members and there will be 10 rural councils and these councils will compose a town council.

Each town council will have 100 members and they will have their own cabinet. Ward council will have 5000 members and 20 ward council will make an Urban council.

Union council will have Insaaf committee to resolve family disputes to avoid delay by going to high court. In this devolution there will also be judicial devolution. High court will be shifted to district level. District and session court will be shifted to Tahseel level and Tahseel level court will be shifted to Union Council.

The judgement of criminal cases will be done in one month.
Poor people will be offered free court case proceedings. My idea is that people should elect the Prime Minister and he will be known as The Leader of the Nation.We want poor people get judgement at the door instead of going to long distances to get judgement.

After the revolution only the major issues shall be discussed in the Supreme Court of the State.

Team Operation Pakistan


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