What happens in Gaza,will no longer stay in Gaza.

Electronics of a missile embedded in the body of a victim.

The last two days have been the most deadly days in the recent Israeli aggression,almost 200 people have died in the last two days. We have mentioned again and again that the international community needs to wake up and we have seen in the past few days that there have been protests all over the world against this aggression, but the fact of the matter is, our governments continue to support Israel either explicitly in the case of U.S.A & U.K or implicitly by remaining silent like the Arab countries.

The protest against Israel needs to go up a notch, humans of the world should boycott Zionist products, so that funding for apartheid Israel can be stopped or at least reduced.

Please visit inminds to find out which products are being produced by Zionist companies in and outside Israel. A boycott is already under progress and revenue of some companies has shown signs of panic. Please share this with as much people as you.

Remember,even if your governments stay quiet,you still have the power. Do what you can,every action counts.

Apartheid Israel can oppress as much as it wants, but whatever happens in Gaza, will no longer stay in Gaza, we will become the voice of Gaza and tell the whole world about the atrocities being committed there.

Team Operation Pakistan



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