Post Revolutionary Pakistan [Part 2]

Democracy does not exist in its true form in Pakistan.
The police had disrespected those alive and the corpses of the dead, this the level of respect for human rights in Pakistan
Electoral dictatorship is when after elections there is no form of democracy in the state.

Prof Larry Diamond: Elections can take place, however not all elections result in democracy.
Congress Report: Democracy refers to certain elements; effective participation of nation, respect for human rights, political equality.

A political system providing public authority to people from all walks of life is called democracy.

Richard Haass: Democracy is more than elections; it is the diffusion of power. Power & authority should be distributed to grass root level, all groups should be involved in political decision making processes.

Democracy refers to a political system in which people can contribute effectively to society and human rights are respected. The Government violated human rights in Model Town Tragedy and killed 14 unarmed peaceful civilians

Richard Hass: Democracy requires checks and balances within the government.

Prof Larry Diamond: Strong democratic institutions are needed where everyone is accountable.Democracy is the name given to regular elections to ensure all those in position can participate in elections if they wish to do so
Democracy is not solely the name given to elections; it is to have the authority to move to a lower level.

Fairness and transparency of the electoral process must be ensured through legislations

How can we call a state democratic where the people are deprived of food, clothing, shelter and justice?

The Federal Government of Pakistan, Cabinets and Ministers consist of very few representative members.

According to the UN, Democracy requires fair elections where the poor and middle class can participate.

Governmental positions have been distributed amongst one family, how is this democratic?
The Auditor General of Pakistan is receiving death threats forcing him to resig Auditor General of Pakistan has to audit all the money the Pakistan government spend on their leisure and wasteful activities.

Democracy demands full accountable legislature candidates, which is lacking in Pakistan.There is not a force in the world which can bring change whilst remaining within this crippled system.

Team Operation Pakistan


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