Israel continues to destroy hospitals in Gaza

This is the third time Israel attacked a hospital in Gaza during the recent aggression. A few days ago Al Wafa hospital was targetted as well, this is a war crime, clearly an attempt to increase the death toll by limiting the number of wounded who survive. Gaza is already facing a humanitarian crisis, the sewage plants have almost stopped functioning, there is a shortage of food and water and hospitals are running low on supplies.

On top of all this Israel is repeatedly attacking hospitals and reportedly shooting at ambulances and paramedic staff who risk their lives to save the wounded and those trapped underneath the rubble of demolished buildings.

The people are being bombed in their homes, they are being bombed in the streets and when they end up wounded in the hospitals, there they get bombed too. It cannot be clearer than this, Israel is not paying heed to the rules of war, it is indiscriminately killing men, women and children on a false pretext that they are human shields.

The world has to wake up, this is our responsibility now to stop Israel from committing murder upon murder to satisfy its thirst for human blood. Israel is expanding its power in the region illegitimately, this will not be good in the long run, sooner or later the effects will spill over and Israel`s stampede over Gaza might turn into something even more gruesome.

Bombing a hospital where people are fighting their battles with death is something we haven`t seen in a long time. It must be condemned and action must be taken, it has been almost 6 hours and uptil now U.N has not taken any action against this inhumane and barbaric act. Is the world waiting to reach a point of no return?

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


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