Post Revolutionary Pakistan [Part 1]

Transcript from Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri`s daily lectures on the topic “Post Revolutionary Pakistan”, a series of ideological lectures aimed at explaining the need for a revolution in Pakistan.

“We will be starting a series of lectures during the last 10 days of Ramadan. I will be discussing various topics about Post-revolution changes.We will discuss how Pakistan will be after the Revolution, the changes which will take place and how they will empower the nation.

The topic for the next 10 days will be about the changes that will take place after the Revolution in Pakistan

Pakistan’s constitution declares our nation as a democratic country.When we speak about the Revolution, only people who are against change in Pakistan question it.

The anti-democratic parties give this corrupt system the title of democracy.In a country where democracy doesn’t even exist, how can we derail it?

Quaid-e-Azam and the constitution have promised a participatory democracy at all levels of decision making.

Democracy in its real form does not exist in Pakistan, how can it be derailed?

We want to put an end to the corrupt and status-quo system and replace it with the system promised by the constitution
The nation, who have been given authority by the constitution, have no value or participation in the current system as democracy does not exist in Pakistan. The nation is only used for the purpose of elections and then for the next 4-5 years they are kept away.

Will the Revolution clash or derail democracy? How can we derail democracy when it doesn’t exist in Pakistan
The nation, is the owner of the country, but in Pakistan they are only used once every 4 years when votes are needed

When votes translate into seats, the voter is stabbed in the back for the next 5 years.The constitution will be implemented after the Revolution. The constitution promises equality, there is no sign of political and social equality in Pakistan

Corrupt politicians hold fake elections and then say there is democracy in the country.The constitution of Pakistan gives conditions of democracy; equality, social justice and tolerance

The voters who contributed with their votes are totally kicked out and not looked upon after being used.There is no equality in Pakistan.

The full name of Pakistan is ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ this means that it is an Islamic nation, as stated by the Constitution. Quaid e Azam and the Constitution have promised the people of Pakistan that they can participate in the system. The constitution of Pakistan wants an Egalitarian society, whereas the current system is made just for the rich.
The constitution says that there should be equality, is there a faithful person in this country who can say that there is any kind of equality here? Social justice is also lacking in the country. The system of justice has collapsed,institutions have been weakened and only the rich and powerful have access to justice.

Electoral authoritarian states do not practice democracy nor provide democratic outcomes. Most people who do not have food, clothes and shelter then what freedom do people have?

It is to be understood that elections are a part of a democratic system, but just elections alone are not democracy. The status quo parties do not want to see change; this is why they call the present system lawful and constitutional.

Electoral authoritarian states need to have periodic elections to gain the certificate and title of democracy.

Equality is a prerequisite of democracy, the poor and the rich should be equal. Political accountability is an integral part of democracy, which does not exist in Pakistan. Political accountability is a requirement of democracy, to ensure that there is no space for corruption.

An inbuilt mechanism should be in place to ensure that all corrupt rulers are removed from the system automatically.

In a true democracy, the system is supposed to be powerful, not the corrupt individuals. Elections are a part of democracy, but elections are not called democracy.Where there is democracy, individuals are not powerful the system is powerful. In Pakistan the MPs are powerful and the system is weak.The system in which people have no participation in power and do not get basic necessities is a dictatorship not democracy.

The political dictators use rigged elections after some time to get a so called public mandate nationally and internationally
If all the requirements of democracy are not met, then just elections cannot be titled as democracy.

Elections will not be democratic until all the pre-requisites are fulfilled, including equality, social justice and tolerance

Pakistan has ignored all prerequisites of Democracy, elections were not democratic and nor is the outcome.If all these conditions are fulfilled then only it is called democracy.

If any if these lacks then the elections doesn`t become less democratic but totally against democracy.

The system in which the rule of law is different for the powerful and for the weak is not called a democratic system. Till the time people do not get political and economic protection and do not get justice they can not be called as powerful, the system cannot be called powerful.

The election commission was made in an unconstitutional way, the elections were undemocratic therefore the current government is undemocratic.

We will put an end to the current corrupt system and will give the people a democracy which gives them food, clothes, shelter, treatment, education and justice”

Team Operation Pakistan


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