No food, no water, no electricity, this is Gaza

In Gaza tonight there will be no electricity and acute shortage of food, water and medical supplies. It is going to be almost 2 weeks since the Israeli offensive started, human rights activists in and outside Gaza have been writing, tweeting and blogging about the inevitable humanitarian crisis which has now developed in Gaza, but it seems that the world at large has decided to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear towards Gaza.

Governments have shown little or no response except of course Chile which took a bold step and decided to boycott Israel, France however, has become the first country to ban #FreePalestine protests.

Now it is solely upto the general population of this world, the 7 billion people. Specially on those who live in so called democracies of the world. Democracy comes from the people, if the people want to help Gaza, if the people want to stop Israeli aggression, then why are governments neglecting the basic principle of democracy they claim to be champions of ?

Humanity has suffered a lot in the past few years, we saw massacres in Syria, we saw brutal massacres by ISIS in Iraq, we saw genocide by TTP in Pakistan, we saw brutal ethnic cleansing of Muslims in C.A.R . If there is any bit of humanity left, the people, the humans of this world will have to rise up, leave behind your race, leave behind your religion, leave behind your ethnicity and rise as humans for the people of Gaza because this isn`t a war, this is cold blooded massacre of a city which will never bow down.

Wars are never fought between the armed and the unarmed, wars are always fought between two armed groups, Israel has the latest state of the art weapons, whereas people in Gaza have nothing and the resistance only has light arm weapons and rockets. It is a law of nature that when attacked, every living creature fights for its defence, when a lion pounces upon a bison, the bison strikes back, it doesn`t become the lions dinner easily and when the herd of bison comes together, they can even make the fearless lion run for cover. Such is the law of nature.

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


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