Israel is officially using DIME, and prohibited chemical weapons in Gaza. We are getting reports that people are suffocating due to some noxious gas, preliminary reports suggest that some form of Sulphur compound is being used in the bombs which are being dropped on Gaza as we speak.

Let me make it clear, Israel is directly targeting civilian population in Gaza now, our sources have reported that many men, women, children and now even paramedics have been hit and cannot receive medical aid because ambulances cannot operate under intense bombardment which seems never ending. An hour ago an ambulance which was carrying the injured was targeted as well.

This is not a war, this is no longer a murder, this is clearly a genocide of Gazans, there is total blackout in the city and the ground is continuously shaking due to non stop bombardment. There are all sorts of casualties, minor and major, physical and psychological.

Substantial steps have to be taken at any cost right now to stop Israel otherwise the damage will be too great to heal.

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


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