How Israel murders children in broad day light

Warning the following footage has graphic scenes.

This is the real face of Israel. These kids were playing football on a beach,what was their crime? Were they shooting rockets at Israel? In the past 12 days Israel has indiscriminately killed men,women and children and what is more pathetic and disgusting is that the international community at large has turned a blind eye towards the war crimes committed by Israel.

Since 12 days Israel is using heavy bombs, DIME bombs and now there are even reports of ultra and infra sonic weapons being used in the Gaza strip, but the watch dogs are all silent, this silence is a tacit approval of the attrocities being committed by Israel.

Just because Adolf Hitler, did a holocaust against the Jews, it doesn`t mean that Israel has the license to kill now. A wise man once said, beware of the day the oppressed becomes the oppressor. This is happening today, Israel has now become one of the greatest oppressor in this world. They are carrying forth the legacy of Nazi`s.

The slaughter in Gaza won`t stop, because no one dares to look Israel in the eyes, this will only increase and engulf the middle eastern states too, as they are already burning.

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


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