Gaza needs Medicine via @DaliaZLababidi

Calling all humanity.

Israeli oppression in Gaza continues, almost 170 people have been killed by Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, according to Israeli sources 77% of those killed were women and children.

The appeals for a ceasefire by the dysfunctional U.N.O and the White House have gone unheeded as Israel continues into the second week of its aggression on Gaza. As the oppression and brutality continues, a humanitarian crisis is developing in Gaza, the hospitals in Gaza are running out of medicines and other vital medical supplies.

Calling all the humans of this world. Rise up and play your role to neutralise this disaster which is occurring right in front of our eyes. Rise up and raise the voice for the people of Gaza. In the second world war Adolf Hitler did holocaust of Jews and no one spoke, in the 90`s Muslims faced genocide in Srebrenica and the world stayed silent, haven`t you learned anything from history?

Long Live Gaza

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


10 Replies to “Gaza needs Medicine via @DaliaZLababidi”

    1. therefore the responsibility falls upon us,those who can raise the voice for Gaza, to tell the world about the nature of war or rather genocide that is being done in Gaza.


        1. Agreed.
          Need to build this sort of consensus.
          It is simple,we aren`t against any religion or ethnicity or race,we simply want an end to all the injustice being done.


        2. Hey Danial, here’s an offer for you. Would you like to post in my blog as well? Two outlets instead of just one will definitely help the word spread out quicker.
          Let me know what you think.


        3. Sounds great and I`d like to extend the same offer to you. This needs to be done, we are the voice of Gaza, this is the modern age and no tyrant or oppressor can suppress the voice of oppressed.


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