You can shoot a revolutionary but you cant stop Revolution

Haroon Mahmood, a young revolutionary was shot multiple times in his legs by the Punjab police on 17th June 2014. What was his crime? He was protesting peacefully against the illegal and criminal behaviour of Punjab police who were shelling unarmed and peaceful men and women unjustly, just to scare them and terrorise them to stop their struggle for a revolution in Pakistan. A true revolution which will give the rights back to the masses and restore true democracy and humanistic values which have disappeared from Pakistani society. A revolution which aims to make Pakistan an unconquerable power in the region ,a revolution which will transform Pakistan into the fortress of Islam .

This was the crime of Haroon Mahmood who was shot.


You can see him being taken to the ambulance in this picture which was taken just after he was shot down by Punjab Police, does he have any weapon? Does he have any gun or even a stick? No.

Haroon Mehmud

This is Haroon Mahmood after he was taken into hospital. According to sources, when all the martyrs and injured were shifted to Jinnah hospital, Punjab police tried to storm the hospital and arrested many of the injured and took away the dead bodies to reduce the body count. Furthermore they terrorised the doctors to delay the treatment of patients. Which is why Haroon Mahmood had to spend an entire night with the bullets lodged inside his legs, he was taken into operation theatre later on 18th June.

First they shot him and then they denied him treatment, one has to ask a very serious question at this point, is this Pakistan or is this Gaza? We understand that Gaza is under Israeli occupation,but what about Pakistan, this is supposed to be a free country, but our rulers are behaving as if they are occupying this country.

Did they think they would be able to silence the spirit of revolution? No, this is not how it works, whenever oppressors have tried to oppress the voice of truth ,it has only grown.

Hussain bin Ali[A.S] and the entire household of Prophet Muhammad[Peace be upon him] was martyred and tortured in Karbala and Damascus, but was Yazid the accursed able to suppress their voice? No, instead his oppression in Karbala turned it into a symbol of never ending battle between the good and evil.

Hundreds and thousands were killed during the course of Iranian Revolution, but the revolution couldn`t be stopped. Palestenians and specially the people of Gaza are facing worst form of oppression at the hands of Israeli forces,but have they backed off ? No.

Because you can always shoot a revolutionary, not once, you can shoot a revolutionary a hundred times, but you CANNOT STOP REVOLUTION.

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


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