Gaza will be free


People have been saying do you seriously think Pakistan will take on Israel? Well currently it looks as if we have a lot of problems of our own,but don`t forget, this is the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad[s.a.w]. We can bounce back from anything.

Remember we were ripped apart in 1972, that pain is still too great, but we bounced back and had our nukes ready by late 80`s ( although this was kept a secret )

Remember the Muslims didn`t even have a state when they were in Makkah,facing tough persecution and it only took 8 years to sweep away everyone and everything. Remember we lost 3 of our most brave commanders in the Battle of Mutah against the Romans, that same Roman empire was brought down by the military genius of Khalid bin Waleed[r.a].

Remember that the Muslims were given only menial jobs and not even allowed to study under the British Raj, but it only took a few years to awaken and break away.

Yes we are down right now, yes we are wounded and bleeding, but this ummah still has the essence of Haider e Karrar[r.a]. Just because we are down, doesn`t mean we cannot conquer this Khyber once again.

Gaza will be free.
Jerusalem will be ours in sha Allah

Ya Muhammad ya Mansur, ummatak ummatak.

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


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