Voice of Gaza via @DaliaZLababidi




The attacks on Gaza‬ have continued constantly since the beginning of the military operation. People in Gaza can hardly sleep. Every time I tried to close my eyes, I felt regret. I would wake up in a few minutes screaming as hearing another bomb hitting some place nearby that would make me thinking that our house is the target. Israel‬ continues to prove that it lacks every shred of humanity. You can never imagine how painful it is when you hear the sound of the rocket, not knowing where it is headed to.. If you are going to be the next target or you are just going to live one more terrifying moment again.

And what makes me really useless is seeing my little brother crying and not being able to sleep peacefully because of the constant shelling while we can do nothing. They are killing every mean of life inside those children!

I say it again, It’s hard to explain but I’m emotionally exhausted and fed up of these horrifying explosions voices. Israel loves killing Palestinians and when it kills them, it loves to murder them in gives and dozens!!! Yes, Palestine is as strong as Israel but it does not mean that we accept to be victims in such way.

Just a reminder, Palestinians always fight back. And I’m still rejoicing at the news about Palestinian rockets hitting Israel as a retaliation.. Palestinians do their best.
It’s too bad for Israel, Palestinians also have a strong memory and they never forget!!!

Dalia Lababidi from Gaza,Palestine.


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