Wake up call

President Mamnoon Hussain had to visit a city, they couldn`t find a suitable landing spot for his heli, therefore the security staff burned down an entire field of wheat, for our dear Presidents touchdown. The poor farmers kept pleading for just a couple of hours so they could harvest their crops. What were those farmers thinking? Are their crops more important than our dear President?

A couple of days later after this incident, the rural areas of Sind experienced severe storms, which devastated the Mango harvest for the season. Significantly reducing the mango harvest, which will put an ugly dent on our exports.

In Punjab, a mother poisoned her children over some family problem. Details of the problem aren`t clear yet but what could have happened which compelled that mother to poison the children she herself had raised? Today a father stabbed his teenage daughter, critically injuring her. Why? Just because she had put on some make up.

The other day ,the TV channels were reporting that some boys, abducted a girl from roadside, devastated her youth and threw her on the road. Karachi University has seen a sharp incline in the abduction of young girls,from inside the university premises. Last week , son of a cop barged into the home of a friend, against whom he had a grudge and shot him to death, the boy breathed his last in his mothers lap.

All this happened in the past weeek. Extrapolate it over past few months and the picture that`ll emerge won`t let you sleep for nights and even if you manage to sleep, you`ll be haunted by the images of savagery. Now these incidents happen everywhere in the world, but in the civilised parts of this little blue planet we call Earth, the criminals and perpetrators of heinous crimes are caught and punished according to law. Whereas in Pakistan, the criminals are given a standing ovation within the courts! Am I making a lofty claim here? Well look back at Shahzaib Murder case. The boy who was shot dead in cold blood by Shahrukh Jatoi, who appeared in the court as if he had conquered Constantinople. Making Victory signs, showing the entire world that “Justice” doesn`t exist in Pakistan.

Every passing day brings forth an event which takes us to another low. Where are we heading? We are a nuclear power, which has failed to eradicate Polio!

Every Pakistani likes to curse the country`s leaders for every bad thing. Quite rightly too, the country`s top leadership is without any doubt responsible for a lot of wrongs. But they aren`t responsible for impatient commuters who run across the Red signal as if Red is the new green in Pakistan. The leaders are responsible for all the garbage heaps in the metropolitan city we call Karachi. It takes two to tango! If a large part of all this mess rests on the leadership, then an equal part falls on the people, the common people, me and you!

The recent events are a wake up call for everyone. Regional politics are changing, the status quo is feeling the heat, history is evident that when a nation fails to correct its path, destiny sends people like Ghengis Khan, to eradicate that nation and bring in a new nation to replace the former.

Wake up before you are made to sleep peacefully forever.

by Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan


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