Terrorism or Revolution!

The flowers are blooming, birds chirping and air getting warmer all signs are suggesting the inevitable arrival of spring in Pakistan. In any saner part of the world, people would have been overjoyed upon the arrival of spring, whereas in Pakistan, spring marks the arrival of Taliban.


This however is not a natural phenomenon,instead it is a man made disaster, caused by a few individuals who have jeopardized the lives of 180 million. Earlier this year the “Shareef Government” which was alleged to have been backed by banned sectarian outfits, entered into a peace deal with the Taliban, contrary to the strategic conditions on ground. In spite of a ceasefire the notorious Taliban continued their terrorist activities. Bloodshed didn`t stop and the attacks on military checkpoints never ceased.

During this time, every sound defence analyst or even a layman was of the opinion that the Taliban are just buying time to regroup, winters don`t suit the Taliban as the mountain tops towards the North of Pakistan freeze and it becomes impossible for the Taliban to keep their supply lines from Afghanistan open. This was the best time for Pakistani government to come down on the Taliban with an iron fist and root out the source of terrorism from the country. But the governments inefficiency has proved beyond all doubt that they are either terribly incompetent to solve the crisis in Pakistan, or maybe they support the terrorist mindset of Taliban,which is not a surprise because government ministers on more than one occassion have shown their support for Taliban and other terrorist groups in Pakistan.

Now that the mountain passes have reopened, snow has melted, supply routes accessible once again, TTP have announced an end of the so called ceasefire. They have carried out multiple attacks within a couple of days. The armed forces of Pakistan are being continuously tested not just by the terrorists, but by terrorist minded politicians as well. How can you expect a professional army to lead a successful campaign , when the corrupt to the bone politicians are busy in tying their shoe laces together ?

It is up to the 180 Million people who live in Pakistan, to decide whether they want to be ruled by ineligible and corrupt men who do not represent them in any way at all or whether they want a proper representative government which can govern the country according to the law. The time is slipping away like sand, the people have to make their decision before it is too late. There have been a lot of sacrifices, a lot of our young men have given their blood to this country, will we let their sacrifices go to waste or rise up and change the course of events to create a better Pakistan.

The choice is yours…

By Danial Ahmed
Team Operation Pakistan

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