Live with dignity,die with honour.

23rd March 1940,was the day when All India Muslim League,convened a convention in “Minto Park (Now known as Minar e Pakistan), a joint and unanimous resolution was passed ,in the presence of a crowd of millions,which called for the creation of a separate state for the Muslims.The Lahore Resolution was constructed upon the Allahabad address of Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal. 23rd March was the day which marked for the beginning of the struggle for Pakistan. For the next 7 years,Muhammad Ali Jinnah worked tirelessly to carve out a modern Muslim state.

Jinnah`s efforts materialised in 1947 when the British Raj accepted the demand for a separate homeland and on 14th August 1947 ,the Islamic Republic of Pakistan came into being.But the journey didn`t end. Jinnah had successfully carved out a modern Islam state,but before he could lay down the frame work to govern it,Jinnah passed away. Since then many governments have come and gone. Contributed for and against Pakistan, no matter how much internal and external forces tried to damage her, Pakistan persisted. But now the time has come. Regional politics are changing, a paradigm shift is ocuring across the middle east, the Muslim states are in chaos, it is now the duty of the youth of Pakistan to fulfill their destiny,to continue the journey which Muhammad Ali Jinnah had left . On 23rd December 2012, this passion ,this “Junoon” was reignited when millions converged upon the Minar e Pakistan where Lahore Resolution was signed. These millions came under the flag of Pakistan ,no party affiliation,no religious or ethnic affiliation. The millions came out on 23rd December to revive the struggle for the establishment of a modern Islamic state of Pakistan.

Pakistan is facing a crisis unlike any other state. She doesn`t have dictators, she doesn`t have despots and tyrants. Pakistan`s greatest enemy is the Corrupt system which has spawned incompetent rulers over the years. In order to come back on the path of progress and enlightenment, the nation has to unite under the flag of Pakistan, the nation has to remember the lesson taught by Iqbal and Jinnah. With Unity, Faith & Discipline we can overcome this enemy which is hollowing out our roots. Pakistan must survive this crisis and emerge like a phoenix form its ashes to lead the ummah. Being the sole Nuclear Power of the Muslim ummah it is her duty to rise now and become the fortress of Islam which she was destined to become.

Concluding with the words of the great Quaid.

“I can say that with courage and with confidence and by the grace of God,we shall emerge triumphant.”


Team Operation Pakistan

One Reply to “Live with dignity,die with honour.”

  1. PAKISTAN CONDITION WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IF THERE WAS NO PARTITION & SEPARATE MUSLIM COUNTRY. UNITED WE WIN DIVIDED WE FALL. – The Politics & Politicians those days could not visualise the long term benefits .Power & Politics spoiling every where.


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