What’s Making The Floods Worse in Pakistan?

This is the third year in a row that floods have wrecked havoc through villages and cities in the low lying areas of Pakistan almost 300000 people have been affected and 108 people have lost their lives.

Although floods are a natural calamity and it`ll be utter foolishness to blame anyone for the floods. Pakistan after all is not the only country, which is facing this problem. This year floods have caused major damage in China and Russia as well.

However, we cannot put all the blame on Mother Nature and shrug our shoulders. Examining the whole situation with a critical eye, one will come to a conclusion that most of the devastation caused by floods in Pakistan could have been avoided, had there been better planning and control.

A quick glance at annual precipitation records of Pakistan will tell you that the highest ever rainfall was recorded in 2001 and in the last 3 years, the problem has not been the rainfall in fact the problem has been the lack of planning by the government.

Government has allowed people to encroach over active, old flood plains and over major drains, choking the water flow, which has led to the flooding in most of the cities.


The above picture shows Karachi, which was recently flooded. Any Karachiite will tell you that Karachi lays nowhere near any river, yet it was flooded .Why? Because all the major drains have been encroached upon, as a result the water reversed and flooded some areas of Karachi.

None of this would have happened had there been better control. Every government leases the “Kutchi Aabadi’s” which encroach upon the land. The government buys their votes by leasing them and whatever happens after that is clearly depicted by the picture.


Wealthy and influential landowners break the dykes and deliberately flood the land of poor farmers. There have been judicial inquiries over this in the past yet no one has been brought to justice. No one will be brought to justice because we live in a society where the mindset of oppression exists.

I may have painted a dark and bleak picture but this is the reality, most of the loss of lives and property is because of the misgovernance and incompatibility of those sitting on important posts.

Pakistan Floods

In spite of all the corruption and mayhem shown by the current and previous government, one must praise the efforts of our armed forces and NGO`s which are working in the flood affected areas. If not for the aid efforts being done by the Army, Rangers and NGO’s, we would be facing a humanitarian crisis.

by Danial Ahmad
Team Operation Pakistan


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