The Powerful Role of Pakistan’s Media

Malcolm X is famously known for having said:

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

Indeed the media is extremely powerful in controlling the minds of the masses, and this is worrying when the message being delivered to the masses is controlled and manipulated by higher powers. Pakistan’s media is a prime example of how powerful the media is; we are constantly battling a war of disinformation. Those who are weaker will succumb to the propaganda whereas the strong are left wondering why nothing is being done to prevent the media from its open bias. The unfortunate truth is that foreign powers have invested in our media, and our Government plays the part of the willing perpetrator; the Government and our dear leaders, quite literally, sit back and watch the show!

In light of recent events, there is substantial event that directly exposes just how weak our minds are, and how powerful the puppets and their puppeteers have become.

In a leaked document from the Mir Khalil ur Rehman Foundation (MKRF), governor of the Jang/Geo group, it was discovered that they had had requested 3 million dollars from the US to continue the agenda given to them. MKRF openly admitted that different campaigns were running “successfully” in Pakistan, some of which were against the Islamic Laws (Hudood Ordinance) and in favour of Aman Ki Asha. Names of journalists who were involved in this paid campaign included Saleem Safi, Hamid Mir and Kamran Khan. In this document, which has now been removed from its original online site, MKRF have reassured America that the campaign is successful and many Pakistani’s are becoming pro-India, and inevitably, anti-Islam.

General Pasha was absolutely right when he said that Pakistan’s Media was corrupt and easily sold out by money, women and wine! This might explain why anchors are constantly blasting the Army and ISI, falsely blaming them for not protecting Pakistan, when in it is in fact the Army who is keeping Pakistan upright! It might also explain the organised campaign that is being launched through the media to push for Baloch Independence, giving terrorist groups like BLA air time and value, instead of bothering to unite Balochistan as Pakistan.

Speculating into further evidence, the Supreme Court’s Media Commission Report was leaked which has contained undeniable evidence that Pakistan’s Media was being funded by foreign agents. In the report it declares that: Zara Sochiye had received sponsorship from external sponsors, amounting to at least £20 million; programs had been prepared by Indian producers that were then sold to parties in Dubai and published through Pakistani media outlets; Aman ki Asha was supposedly funded by a Norwegian NGO named “Friends with Borders” – and its background showed connections to Indian sponsors, including the Indian State Television, Doordarshan. This commission had included the likes of highly respectable judges, such as Justice Javed Jabbar and Justice Nasir Aslam Zahid. The commission was informed that PEMRA had been in touch with Pakistan Broadcaster’s Association (PBA) to question the matter of content regulation and the media’s questionable code of conduct, but the response from PBA was less than impressive. It must be questioned then that why has the Supreme Court not taken a Suo-Moto notice on such irrefutable evidence that clearly outlines the organised campaign against Islam and Pakistan that is taking place under our very own noses? Or perhaps the Supreme Court is well-aware and yet chooses to turn the other cheek!

In April 2013, under the right of freedom of access to all State information, the Supreme Court published a list of journalists who had been paid by the Government’s information ministry through its secret fund. The list of expenditures that was initially published, totaled up to Rs.1778.98 million, with a detailed list of all media persons responsible for taking the money and for whatever purposes. The Supreme Court, during this time, was pressurised to probe the matter of media accountability and payments that had been made to journalists by the PPP-led government in 2011-2012. The court also found that the information ministry had distributed gifts worth million to various journalists, as well as the realisation that former Prime Minister, Raja Pervez Ashraf had approved a payment of over Rs.132 billion for media campaigns on March 16 2012.

This is not a gross exaggeration but a staggering revelation that whilst the poor and needy are spending their nights with empty stomachs, heavy hearts and barren hearths, the Government is too busy splashing out the State’s money on campaigns that will eventually lead to the collapsing of Pakistan.

Bollywood film culture continues to be highlighted, spreading vulgarity and tainting the pure lands, to distract the masses from matters of actual importance, like the justice of Shahzeb Khan, the Ephedrine Case, the Swiss Bank Scandal, the Arsalan Iftikhar Case, to name a few! So next time the media praises India and blasts the Army, Islamic teachings, Qaid-e-Azam, or political models who are influencing positive change in Pakistan, just stop and take heed of Malcolm X’s advice:

“If you’re not careful, the newspapers,” or in this case Pakistan’s shameless media, “will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

by Mariya Qadri
Team Operation Pakistan


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